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ARIES Project Meeting, March 20-21, 2001


Monday, 20 March 2000



8:30 Review of Agenda and Topics To Be Covered Waganer
8:40 Status of DOE Fusion Program Priorities and Budgets Dove
9:00 Summary of ARIES Program Plans, New Projects, Next Meeting @UW Najmabadi
9:45 Break All

Systems Studies

10:00 Presentation and Discussion of Strawmen Results and Modeling R. Miller
(see also Strawman archive)

ARIES-AT Engineering

11:00 Power Core Configuration Development and Maintenance Approach Raffray/Wang
11:45 Lunch
12:45 Status of ARIES-AT Blanket and Divertor Design Raffray
1:15 Blanket Design and Coolant Routing (Igor Sviatoslavsky) by Raffray
1:45 Vacuum Vessel Design Approach Waganer
2:00 Updated Nuclear Parameters, Radial/Vertical Build and Activation Analysis El-Guebaly
2:45 Break
3:00 Fuel Cycle Definition and Analysis Results Sze
3:30 Main Heat Transfer and Transport System Definition Sze
4:00 Vertical Stabilizing Coil Design (TBD)
4:30 HTS Magnets for ARIES-AT (Bromberg) by Tillack
5:00 Adjourn

Tuesday, 21 March 2000


Neutron Source Study

8:30 Status of Neutron Source Study (portrait slides are here) Steiner
9:15 Cat. DD Analysis Results Cheng

ARIES-AT Engineering, continued

9:45Stabilizing Materials Options and Parameters (Sviatoslavysky) by Waganer
Other Material Presentations (Li enrichment, permeation, SiC braze) Sze/Billone/Raffray
10:15 Break All

Safety Studies

10:30 LOCA and LOFA Analyses Results Mogahed
11:15 Clearance Issues and Radwaste Volume El-Guebaly
12:00 Lunch

ARIES-AT Physics

1:00 Beta Optimization and Transport Calculations Lao
1:45 Current Drive and Plasma Rotation System Definition Mau

Summary and Planning for Next Meeting

2:30 Summary of Results, Areas to be Strengthened, Action Items Najmabadi
3:00 Preparations for Next Meeting Najmabadi
5:30 Adjourn

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