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ARIES Conference Call, 1 March 2000

Documented by L. Waganer

(DOE) -
(UCSD)Mau, Miller, Raffray, Wang
(PPPL) Kessel, T. Brown, Heitzenroeder
(GA) -
(UW) El-Guebaly, Mogahed
(FPA) -
(RPI) Steiner
(ANL) -
(Boeing) Waganer
(MIT) -


The next ARIES meeting is scheduled for March 20-21 at UCSD following the US/Japan Reactor Design Workshop and the IAE Socio-Economic Task Meeting. Ron Miller has a Web site, with the agenda and more meeting details.

Neutron Source Study

Don Steiner discussed the efforts to finalize the Neutron Source draft report. He intends to send out specific areas to certain contributors to help finalize the completion of the draft.

Systems Analyses

Ron Miller noted that the systems codes are now functioning better with reasonable results. He has posted three cases based on the equilibrium cases he received, namely, those with betaN of 5.6, 6.0, and 6.8. These cases also have new corresponding current drive performance data from new CD modeling algorithms. It seems the placement and sizing of the PF coils in proximity of the shielding are the present limiting criteria. C. Kessel thought that the PF coils should not be the limiting criteria and suggested, temporarily, replacing the finite sized coils with point source coils. The present cases had moderate TF coil strengths and neutron wall loading. Ron suggested a careful engineering and physics examination of the results of the three cases. Ron was pressed to "nominate" a case to be used as the base case. He thought all three cases were very similar with little discrimination. The 6.8 case was a little less attractive. Of the remaining two, the 6.0 case might be the better one to select as the nominal baseline.

Configuration and Maintenance

In Mark Tillack’s absence, Rene Raffray noted that the configuration and maintenance would be similar to that of ARIES-RS. The power core configuration and maintenance approach would be presented at the upcoming March meeting. Presently UCSD is concentrating on the integration and definition of the plumbing circuits to enable plumbing access to all components while enabling remote maintenance.

Neutronics and Shielding

Laila El-Guebaly said she had been working on the divertor shielding. She noted that 50 cm of shielding would be permanent and 15 cm of shielding would be replaceable. She will have both radial and vertical build definition for the upcoming meeting.


Laila has been analyzing the vertical stabilizing shield to obtain its activation data. She has now sent activation data for the entire inboard and outboard regions to Dave Petti for his safety analyses. Laila noted that Elsayed Mogahed has been working on the LOFA and LOCA cases to determine the thermal condition of the power core internals. Laila mentioned that all power core components would exceed the clearance value of 1.0 in the present baseline. The power core could be redesigned to bring selected components below the clearance value of 1.0, if desired, but the capital cost would rise.

Ron Miller noted that the code now contains Laila’s vertical build definition. He said that his definition of the permanent and replaceable shield differs from that of Laila. It can be redefined to reflect Laila’s approach with some extra code modification.

Heating and Current Drive

TK Mau is now convinced that neutral beams will be required to provide adequate plasma rotation. He is considering use of a 100 keV NB system to replace the LH CD system for outboard seed current. This system would provide adequate plasma rotation. He will be defining the distribution of ICRF FW, LH, and NB power, depending on the betaN case chosen. With the 6.8 case, NB is adequate. With 6.0, NB is marginally acceptable. With the 5.6 case, LH will also be needed to supplement NB. He was asked to define the size, number, and location of the NB ports as they are open holes for neutron streaming.

Stabilizing Shell

For the three cases, we need to define the stabilizing shell performance for defined shell characteristics.

PF and TF Magnets

Nothing discussed except for the apparent interference of the PF coils with the shielding in the systems code, which tend to limit the solution parameter space.

Vacuum Vessel

Les Waganer said he has not progressed further on the definition of the vacuum vessel, pending definition to be presented in the upcoming meeting. His current definition is on the ARIES Web.

Physics (PPPL)

Chuck Kessel said that he would examine the betaN case of 6.0 in more detail. He is concerned about the H-mode at the edge that might run hotter than we had previously assumed. There might be a lot of ballooning instability in that region. He will also try to obtain some data on the power requirements for the vertical stability system.

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