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ARIES E-Meeting, May 3, 2000

Telephone call-in number: 800-764-2618 or 206-655-0050 (pass code=9128#)
9:00-11:00 PST, May 3, 2000



speakers topic backup material
1. Najmabadi and El-Guebaly Administrative Items, June Project Meeting
2. Steiner Neutron Source Study ARIES Home Page on Neutron Source Studies
3. Jardin, Lao, Mau, Kessel Physics
4. Miller Systems
5. El-Guebaly Neutronics and radial build PDF file
6. Raffray, Sviatoslavsky Blanket
7. Tillack, Wang, Waganer Configuration and Maintenance CAD
8. Waganer Status of Vacuum Vessel Design
9. Sze (not available today) Fuel Cycle and Heat Transfer
10. Sviatoslavsky, Kessel Vertical Stabilizing Shell
11. El-Guebaly, Mogahed, Petti Safety and Waste Management
12. Tillack, Raffray, Billone Materials