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ARIES Conference Call, 17 May 2000

Documented by L. Waganer

(ANL) Mattas, Sze
(Boeing) Waganer
(DOE) -
(FPA) Dean
(GA) Schultz
(INEEL) Petti
(LBL) -
(LLNL) Meier, Molivik
(MIT) Bromberg
(NRL) Sethian
(PPPL) Heitzenroeder, Jardin
(RPI) -
(TSI) -
(UCSD) Mau, Miller, Najmabadi, Raffray, Tillack, Wang
(UW) El-Guebaly, Mogahed

Ref: Conference call presentation, and Discussion


Farrokh Najmabadi convened the conference call to discuss the groundrules and goals for the ARIES-IFE effort. The intent is to provide enough information that the IFE effort will produce meaningful data for the IFE kickoff meeting at UW-Madison in June 2000. The scope of the effort is to analyze and assess several IFE chamber concepts when integrated with validated target types and promising driver systems. Farrokh stressed that the goal is to determine the potential of the chamber approaches and not to develop a point design. The R&D needs will be identified to support the promising concepts.

The chamber types identified for assessment are the dry wall, solid (protected) wall, and thick liquid wall chambers. These types would be assessed in series by the complete IFE team with task leaders documenting findings in a brief summary of each concept before commencing the next assessment. Both laser and heavy ion drivers will be included, along with two validated target designs. Fast ignition targets will be reserved for future consideration.

Farrokh discussed his vision of the analysis process to evaluate the chamber types (see referenced presentation). Supporting these analyses were a set of tasks concentrating on generic areas to assess the merits and capabilities of each chamber concept. Task leaders and supporting personnel and organizations were identified for each task. Some additional people and organizations were added to the list. Wayne Meier offered to provide for the ARIES web site a pdf file of target presentations from the recent direct drive workshop held at GA in March 2000. L. Waganer has provided a pdf file of the Prometheus final report and W. Meier intends to provide a copy of the OSIRIS and SOMBRERO report to Waganer to create the pdf file.

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