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ARIES Project Meeting, June 19-21, 2000

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Room 226, Pyle Center


Monday, 19 June 2000



9:00 Review of Agenda and Topics To Be Covered Waganer
9:05 Status of DOE Fusion Program Priorities and Budgets Dove
9:20 Summary of ARIES Program Plans Najmabadi

ARIES-AT Final Design Presentations

Physics Analyses

9:30 ARIES-AT Physics Intro Jardin
9:50 Summary of GA work in RWM, Transport, NTM, Divertor Lao
10:10 Break All
10:20 Vertical Stability and PF Coil Optimization Kessel
10:45 RF Heating and Current Drive System Definition Mau
11:10 Final Plans and Writing Assignments Jardin

System Studies

11:30 Presentation and Discussion of Strawmen Results Miller
12:00 lunch

ARIES-AT Engineering

1:00 Power Core Final Design Definition Wang
1:30 ARIES-AT Blanket and Divertor Design - The Final Stretch (quicktime) (pdf) Raffray
2:00 Status of Liquid Surface Divertor Design Gohar
2:20 Vacuum Vessel Design Definition Waganer
2:50 Materials Design Limits and Issues Billone
3:20 Break All
3:30 HTS Coil Definition Bromberg
4:00 TF & PF Coil Design Definition and Stress Analysis Results Brown/Dahlgren
4:30 Vertical Stabilizer Shell Design and Tutorial on EM Pump Design Sviatoslavsky
4:45 Fuel Cycle and Main Heat Transfer and Transport Systems Definition Sze

Neutron Source Study

5:15 Status of Neutron Source Study Steiner

Tuesday, 20 June2000


ARIES-AT Engineering, continued

9:00 Final Nuclear Analysis for ARIES-AT El-Guebaly
9:30 Activation Analysis for ARIES-AT Divertor Abdou
9:45 LOCA/LOFA Analysis Update Mogahed
10:05 Safety Analysis Results Petti
10:35 Break All
10:45 Summary of ARIES-AT Study, Action Items Najmabadi
11:30 lunch

ARIES-IFE Kickoff Presentations

ARIES-IFE Program Direction

12:30 IFE Program Goals, Expectations, and Plans Najmabadi
12:45 Perspective on IFE Designs Kulcinski
1:00 Vision of Direct Drive Laser IFE Plant, Targets, and Issues (quicktime) (pdf) Sethian

Target Systems

1:30 Summary of Target Physics Issues (quicktime) (pdf) Sethian
1:50 Target Selection for ARIES-IFE Schultz
2:10 Developing the Basis for Target Injection and Tracking in Inertial Fusion Energy Power Plants Goodin
2:50 Break All

Driver Systems

3:05 Candidate IFE Drivers (KrF and DPSSL's) (quicktime) (pdf) Sethian
3:35 Candidate IFE Drivers (Heavy Ion) Yu
3:45 Driver/Chamber Interface Latkowski/Meier

Physics Analyses

4:15 Chamber Physics: Target Output, Blast Propagation and FW Interactions Peterson/Haynes
5:15 Pulsed Heating and Hydrodynamic Effects of IFE Chamber Walls during Microexplosions Hassanein

Systems Analyses

5:25 Modeling Tools, Evaluation Metrics, & Systems Integration Miller

Wednesday, 21 June 2000

Chamber Assessment

8:30 Damage resistant materials and damage mitigation for dry-wall IFE chambers Tillack
9:00 Issues for IFE Dry Wall Concepts Sviatoslavsky
9:30 Neutronics and Shielding Issues Sawan/El-Guebaly
10:10 Break All
10:25 Issues Associated with Pulsed Radiation Damage Kulcinski
10:40 Pulsed Activation of Target and Chamber Henderson/Wilson
11:05 Tritium Issues for IFE Sze
11:30 Discussion Time
12:00 lunch
1:00 Safety and Environmental Assessment for IFE Petti

Meeting Summary

2:00 Summary of IFE Results, Action items and Future Plans

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