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ARIES Project Meeting, December 5-6, 2000

University of California, San Diego
Room 584, Engineering Building II


Tuesday, 5 September 2000


1:00Review of Agenda and Goals of the Meeting Waganer
1:10Status of DOE Fusion Program Priorities and BudgetsDove
1:20Summary of ARIES Studies and Immediate Goals and ActionsNajmabadi

ARIES-AT Final Design Presentations

System Studies

1:40Final ARIES-AT System Code Results (PDF) Miller

ARIES-IFE Presentations

Systems Analysis and Integration

2:10 Systems Consideration Issues Relating to Reliability, Uncertainty, and Operation (PDF) Steiner
2:40ARIES-IFE Systems Activities (PDF) Miller


3:40 Discussion Period for HI Power Plant Issues/Strategies Yu

Target and Chamber Physics

4:20 Report on HI DD Target Calculations Schultz
4:50 Parametric Results from Gas-Filled Chamber Analysis (PDF) Haynes

Wednesday, 6 September 2000

Chamber Nuclear Analysis

8:30 Chamber Nuclear Performance (PDF) El-Guebaly
8:50Activation Analysis for Gold Coating/Hohlraum (PDF) El-Guebaly
9:20Scoping Study Results of Safety and Environmental Attactiveness of Target Materials (PDF) Latkowski

Final Optics

9:50Laser Final Optics Analysis (PDF) Mau

Drivers (continued)

10:20 Possible Operating Space for Laser IFE (PDF) and
Heavy Ion Driver Model Update (PDF)

Target Fabrication, Injection, and Tracking

10:50 Update on Target Fabrication (PDF, PPT) Goodin
11:20Target Heating (PDF) Mau

Chamber Wall Engineering

1:30 Assessment of Dry Wall Design and New Material Options (PDF) Raffray
2:10Assessment of IFE Materials Billone (PDF)

Safety Analysis

2:40Status of ARIES-IFE Safety and Environmental Activities (PDF) Petti

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