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ARIES Project Meeting, March 8-9, 2001

Hilton Garden Inn
Livermore, CA

(see also Tritium Town Meeting presesntations)

Attendance List

Thursday, 8 March 2001



9:00 Welcome and Administrative Details Meier
9:05 Review of Agenda and Goals of the Meeting Waganer
9:10 Status of DOE Fusion Program Priorities and Budgets Dove
9:30 Status of ARIES-IFE Study and Near-Term Plans,
Status of ARIES-AT FED papers

Meeting Summaries

9:45 Summary of ARIES Tritium Town Meeting (pdf, ppt) Tillack
10:15 Summary of HI-Beam Pinched-Transport Workshop Olson
10:45 Break

ARIES-IFE Presentations

Systems Analysis and Integration

11:00 Driver Parametric Study Results, Cost Models, Rep Rate vs Yield,
Target Factory Costs, Economy of Scale (pdf, ppt)
11:30 Heavy Ion Driver Systems Model Update (pdf, ppt) Meier
  Direct Drive Gain Curve Update (pdf, ppt) Meier
12:00 Lunch (Informal discussion of plans for protected wall chamber assessment)

Chamber Wall Engineering

1:30 Assessment of Carbon and Tungsten Dry Wall Chamber Walls under IFE Energy Depositions (pdf, ppt) Raffray
2:15 Parametric Results for Gas-Filled Chamber Dynamics Analysis (ppt) Peterson (Haynes)
3:00 Migrating ITER Tritium and PFC Materials Experience to IFE (pdf, ppt) Federici
3:30 Break
3:45 Chamber Engineering Session Wrapup Raffray, et al
4:00 Findings and Recommendations from Wetted-Wall Designs (pdf, ppt) Latkowski

Chamber Nuclear Analysis

5:00 Activation Issues for Candidate Coating/Hohlraum Materials (pdf) El-Guebaly
5:30 Adjourn

Friday, 8 March 2001


Final Optics (Laser + HI)

8:30 Effects of mirror defect and damage on Beam Quality (pdf, ppt) Mau

Target and Chamber Physics (Dynamics)

9:00 Indirect Drive Options for Laser IFE Tabak
9:30 Advanced Fuel Target Designs and Related Energy Cycles Perkins
10:00 Break

Target Fabrication, Injection, and Tracking

10:15 Update on Target Fabrication, Injection, and Tracking (pdf, ppt) Goodin
10:45 Direct Drive Target Protection During Injection Alexander
11:15 Tritium permeability in different target materials Sze
11:35 Integrated Target Reflectivity (pdf, ppt) Mau
12:00 Lunch (Task Leaders Write Action Item Plans)

Safety Analysis

1:15 Status of ARIES-IFE Safety and Environmental Activities (pdf) Petti
1:45 Systems Consideration Issues Relating to Reliability,
Uncertainty, and Operation (Steiner stuff) (pdf, ppt)

Wrap-up Session

2:15 Summarize Action Items Najmabadi, et al
2:45 Next Meeting Plans Najmabadi
3:00 Adjourn

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