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ARIES Project E*Meeting, Oct. 17 and 24, 2001

Wednesday, 24 October 2001 (314-232-7034)

11:00 Roll Call  

Safety Analysis (continued)

11:05 Safety Assessment for Potential Target Materials:
Radioactivity vs Chemical Toxicity (pdf, ppt)

Chamber Physics and Chamber Clearing

11:20 Dry Wall Survival Studies for the HIB Target (pdf) Haynes
11:40 Liquid Wall Chamber Dynamics (pdf@UW, pdf@UCSD, ppt) Peterson
12:00 Propagation of HI Beams in Chamber Metal Vapor Atmosphere (pdf, ppt) Olson

Chamber Wall Engineering

12:20 Design Approaches for Beam Isolation Rings (pdf, ppt) Yu
12:40 Remaining action items on dry walls,
Overlapping Dry Wall Design Regions (pdf), and
Sacrificial Wall Analysis (pdf, ppt)
1:10 break  
1:20 Design Considerations for Thin Liquid Film
Wall Protection Systems (ppt, pdf)
Abdel-Khalik and Yoda
1:40 Chamber Aerosol Clearing (pdf, ppt) Bromberg

Chamber and Final Optics Nuclear Analysis

1:55 Target Recycling: Problem Definition and Preliminary Analysis (pdf) El-Guebaly
2:15 Shock-Interface and Shock-Structure Interactions (pdf) Anderson

Assessment of Off-Normal Events

2:35 Update of Off Normal Event Assessment Steiner

HI Magnet Engineering

2:55 Magnet Considerations for ARIES-IFE (pdf, ppt) Bromberg

Meeting Summary

3:15 Summarize Action Items Najmabadi, et al.

Wednesday, 17 October 2001 (314-233-7587)
(note: all times are CDT)

10:20 Roll Call  


10:25 Review of E*Meeting Procedures, Agenda Waganer
10:30 Status of DOE Fusion Program Priorities and Budgets Dove
10:35 Status of ARIES-IFE Study and Near-Term Plans Najmabadi

ARIES-IFE Presentations

Systems Analysis and Integration

10:40 ARIES-IFE Systems (pdf, ppt) Miller
10:55 Recent Progress and Next Steps on HI Driver Modeling (pdf, ppt) Meier

Target Fabrication, Injection and Tracking

11:30 In-Chamber Target Tracking and Other Target Injection
Considerations (pdf, ppt)
11:50 Status of IFE Target Fabrication (pdf, ppt) Goodin

Safety Analysis

12:10 Update on IFE Safety Work for ARIES (pdf, ppt) Petti
12:40 Extra discussion time  
12:55 End of Call  

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