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ARIES Project Meeting, January 10-11, 2002

University of California, San Diego
Room 584, Engineering Building II


Thursday, 10 January 2002



8:30 Review of Agenda Waganer
8:35 Status of DOE Fusion Program Priorities and Budgets Dove
8:50 Status of ARIES-IFE Study and Near-Term Plans Najmabadi

ARIES-IFE Presentations

Systems Analysis and Integration

9:00 ARIES-IFE Systems Topics (ppt) Miller
9:30 Heavy Ion Fusion Modeling Update (ppt, pdf) Meier

Chamber Beam Physics and Chamber Clearing

10:00 Ballistic Neutralized Transport Simulation Results (ppt, pdf) Welch
10:30 Ballistic Neutralized Transport Analytical Model (ppt, pdf) Yu
10:45 Self-Pinched Transport Design Considerations (ppt, pdf) Rose (David)
11:15 Chamber Clearing with Electrostatic Fields (ppt) Bromberg
11:45 Afterglow Phase Issues in Dry Wall Chambers (ppt, pdf) Tillack for Krasheninnikov

Chamber Beam Physics and Chamber Clearing (continued)

1:00 Target Debris Interaction with Liquid Wall Chamber (pdf) Hassanein/Abdel-Khalik
1:30 Wall and Chamber Response with Lead Coolant (ppt) Haynes/Peterson

Chamber Wall Engineering and Chamber Clearing

2:00 Design Issues for Beam Insulator Port (ppt, pdf)
(Raffray's addition)
2:20 Overlap Design Points (Dry Wall) and Key Sacrificial
Wall Issues Including Recondensation Scoping Analyses (ppt)

HI Beams and Vacuum System

3:15 HTS and LTS Magnet Designs For Final Focus (ppt) Bromberg
3:35 Plasma Window for Vacuum Pumping Minimization (ppt) Bromberg

Chamber and Final Optics Nuclear Analysis

3:55 Liquid Wall Radiological Assessment and Feasibility
of Target Recycling (pdf)

Friday, 11 January 2002


Target Fabrication, Injection, and Tracking

8:30 Target Injection in Sacrificial Wall/Aerosol-Filled Chambers (ppt) Petzoldt
8:45 Progress in IFE Target Fabrication (ppt) Goodin

Safety Analysis

9:00 Safety Analysis Results Petti
9:30 Overview of safety issues for potential target materials (pdf, ppt) Reyes

Wrap-up Session

10:00 Summarize Action Items/Next Meeting & CC Plans (ppt, pdf) Najmabadi, Raffray
10:30 Experimental Opportunities on NIF (pdf) Brian Mac Gowan