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ARIES Project Meeting, April 22-23, 2002

University of Wisconsin, Madison
J. F. Friedrick Center Conference Room 154


Monday, 22 April 2002



8:30 Review of Agenda Waganer
8:35 Welcome to The University of Wisconsin Kulcinski
8:40 Status of DOE Fusion Program Priorities and Budgets (ppt,pdf) Opdenaker
8:50 Status of ARIES-IFE Study and Near-Term Plans Najmabadi

ARIES-IFE Presentations

Systems Analysis and Integration

9:00 ARIES-IFE Systems Issues (ppt) Miller
9:20 Heavy Ion Fusion Modeling Update (ppt) Meier

Thin Liquid Chamber Design Approaches and Analyses

9:50 Description of Thin Liquid Wall Protection w/Porous Walls (closecall.ppt, closecall.pdf, wtdwall.ppt, wtdwall.pdf) Waganer
10:20 Potential Liquid Wall Protection Concepts (ppt, pdf) Mogahed
10:40 Numerical and Experimental Studies of Thin Liquid Wall Protection Concepts (ppt) Abdel-Khalik
11:10 Parametric Study Results of Thin Liquid Wall Responses (ppt) Haynes

Thick Liquid Chamber Design Approaches and Analyses

12:30 Design Description of Thick Liquid Wall Protected Chamber (ppt) Meier
1:00 Thick Wall Chamber Design and Performance Requirements (ppt) Raffray

Chamber/Beam Physics and Chamber Clearing

1:30 Final Focus Beamline Design (ppt, pdf) Yu
1:50 Gas Dynamics in Chamber and Beam Tube (ppt) Debonnel (Christophe)
2:10 Chamber Transport Simulations for a HIF Point Design (ppt,pdf) Welch (Dale)
2:40 Update on Self-Pinch Transport in Chamber (ppt,pdf) Rose (Dave)

Chamber/Beam Physics and Chamber Clearing (Continued)

3:00 Response of Liquid Surfaces to Target Implosion Products (ppt) Hassanein
3:30 Dynamics of Liquid Wall Chambers (ppt) Peterson

Convene Chamber Engineering Subgroup Meeting

4:00 Tour of UW Shock Tube Facility Mark Anderson
 - Effects of shock waves contacting a water layer
 - Richtmyer Meshkov instabilities for ICF targets

Tuesday, 23 April 2002


Chamber and Liquid Coolant Nuclear Analysis

8:30 Radiological Issues for Thin Liquid Wall Options (pdf, ppt) El-Guebaly
8:50 Feasibility of Recycling Hohlraum Wall Materials (pdf, ppt) El-Guebaly

Target Fabrication, Injection, and Tracking

9:10 Aerosol Limits for Target Tracking (pdf, ppt) Petzoldt
9:30 Aerosol Production in the Post-shot IFE Chamber Environment (ppt) Sharpe (Phil)

Safety Analysis

9:50 S&E Considerations for IFE Thick Liquid Wall Concepts (pdf, ppt) Reyes

Magnet System Design and Analysis

10:30 Final Focus Magnet Design and Analysis (ppt) Bromberg
10:45 Protection of Final Magnetic Optics (ppt) Bromberg
11:00 Plasma Window Performance (ppt) Bromberg

Meeting Summary

11:15 Summarize Action Items/Next Meeting & CC Plans (ppt) Najmabadi, Raffray, et al.