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ARIES Conference Call, 17 September 2002

Documented by L. Waganer

(ANL) -
(Boeing) Waganer
(DOE) -
(FPA) -
(GA) Petzoldt
(GT) Abdel-Khalik, Yoda
(LBNL) DeBonnel, Neff, Yu
(LLNL) Meier
(MIT) -
(MRC) Rose
(ORNL) Lyon
(NRL) -
(PPPL) Schmidt
(RPI) Steiner
(SNL) -
(UCSD) Mau, Najmabadi, Raffray, Tillack, Wang
(UW) El-Guebaly


Les Waganer noted that he had distributed the draft conference call minutes of 20 July for review.

The draft agenda for the October 2-4 meeting has been distributed for review and comment. Jim Lyons and John Schmidt of PPPL are working on the Compact Stellarator portion of the agenda for the October meeting as Hutch Neilson is on travel. The Compact Stellarator presentations are planned to commence at 1:00 pm on Thursday and continue through 11:00 on Friday.

Farrokh mentioned he wanted each presenter at the October meeting to summarize what has been accomplished this year, what remains to be done, what is planned for the coming year, and describe modeling and experimental work that can be done by IFE technology program to help resolve the issue.

Status of Technical Areas

Status of Action Items

No specific reporting of action items was reported during the conference call. The upcoming meeting agenda is generally structured to address the results of the action items.

Systems Analysis

Modeling - Wayne Meier said he was working on the scaling of the pumping power for the HYLIFE thick liquid wall approach for use in the systems code. He is also working on refining the driver parameters for the point design baseline case. The pulse shape is being reworked and the beam ion may be increased to Bi or Hg. Simon Yu said Xe is not being eliminated, rather others are being considered. The number of beams may be decreased to help layout of the magnets and the cylindrical jet array.

Target Fabrication and Injection/Tracking

Target Injection and Tracking - Ron Petzoldt agreed to report on the topic of target injection accuracy.

Chamber Engineering, Magnets, and Beam Propagation

Final Magnets - Simon Yu mentioned Derek Shuman of LBNL will present his analysis results of using normal conducting coils on the last final focus magnet.

Liquid Wall - Rene Raffray said he was working with Phil Sharpe to determine the transient aerosol conditions within the chamber. Relevant properties of FLiBe are elusive and presently they are trying to use the properties of Pb to help understand the chamber environment response. They continue to look for FLiBe properties.

Liquid Experiments - Said Abdel-Khalik reported that they continue to conduct experiments on thin film behavior at port openings and will report those results at the upcoming meeting. He also mentioned their starting efforts on modeling of the thick jet protection scheme.

Aerosol Modeling - Simon Yu noted their ongoing work to define the aerosol environment and its effect on the various approaches to beam propagation through the chamber. He said Craig Olson would address this topic at the meeting.

Beam Propagation - David Rose also addressed the physics of the interaction of the beam with the aerosol. He addressed the possible solutions for ions and charged debris entering the beamlines through the beam ports.

Chamber Nuclear Analysis

Structural Material and Its Lifetime - Laila El-Guebaly said she is working with the ARIES community to determine the lifetime of the structural material: 304SS, 316SS, ferritic steel, Advanced Low Activation ferritic steel, or whatever. This has been a much-discussed topic between Sze, Billone, Raffray, El-Guebaly, and Ralph Moir. Hopefully there can be some resolution before the October meeting. Laila said all the SS and FS materials would produce high-level waste with their present constituents.