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ARIES E*Meeting on IFE Structural Material Assessment, Oct. 10 at 11:00 AM PST

Phone number = (800)486-2726
Participant code = 562485

10 min Moir Summary of basis for choice of SS304 as structural material for HYLIFE (DOC, PDF) (see also HYLIFE article p.5, p.18, p.19)
10-15 min Billone Summary of comparison of different structural materials (PDF, PPT)
5-10 min El-Guebaly Summary of lifetime assessment (PPT, PDF)
TBD All Discussion
TBD Raffray Wrap-up + action items

Discussion Topics

What are the structural materials compatible with flibe and over what range of temperature?
   SS304, FS, FS-ODS, V, SiC/SiC....??

What are the maximum temperature limits of the different structural materials (based on which limiting criterion)?

Is there a design window for operation with flibe or flinabe?

What is the lifetime for each material?

Which materials are considered by the fusion material community?

What is the level of development required for each material?

Also, please keep in mind that we are considering an IFE power plant that would be built in a time frame of ~50 years.