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ARIES Conference Call, 5 November 2002

Documented by L. Waganer

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(Boeing) Waganer
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(GA) Petzoldt
(GT) Abdel-Khalik, Yoda
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(LBNL) DeBonnel, Yu
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(MRC) Rose, Welch
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(UCSD) Najmabadi, Raffray, Tillack
(UW) El-Guebaly


Les Waganer noted that the final conference call minutes of 17 September have been distributed to the team and posted on the web site.

The next phone call is scheduled for Tuesday, 10 December 2002 at the same time and phone number.

The next ARIES meeting dates have been finalized as January 8, 9, and the morning of Friday, Jan 10, 2003. The meeting will be held at UCSD, San Diego.

Farrokh Najmabadi and Rene Raffray reviewed the papers in hand for the FED special issue and noted which papers were still outstanding and not received. Farrokh said he would issue an e-mail with a summary list of those received and those still outstanding. The principle author is responsible for contacting co-authors for inputs, if needed.

Status of Technical Areas

Systems Analysis

Modeling - Simon Yu told the group that Wayne Meier improved the heavy ion driver point design for the Snowmass study meeting. He has documented this modeling in a white paper. He might present the latest version of the Heavy Ion Driver at the January meeting.

Chamber Nuclear Analysis

Laila El-Guebaly said she has documented the activation study results of the liquid wall chamber for the ANS meeting in 2 weeks. She will forward the final paper to Farrokh for archival purposes.

Chamber Engineering, Magnets, and Beam Propagation

Rene said that he is preparing two papers for TOFE conference with the support of Said Abdel-Khalik. One was on thin liquid wall response and the other on the thermal behavior of the direct drive target.

Liquid Experiments - Said Abdel-Khalik reported he would be giving one paper at TOFE on the liquid wall experiments and the related results. They are extending their experiments to investigate the behaviors of fluids around streamlined ports. They are also refining the experiments on liquids in contact with non-wetting and wetting surfaces.

Beam Propagation - David Rose is continuing to refine the interface between the HI beams and the thick liquid protected chamber. He is addressing all three-transport architectures: neutralized ballistic, self-pinch, and assisted pinch. He will present a summary of his results at the next meeting.

Beam Protection - Simon Yu mentioned they are investigating magnetic “shutters” to divert charged particles to protect the upstream beamline environmental conditions. Subsystem elements include a dipole magnet to create the field, plasma source to ionize the particles, and a pump port to transport the captured particles.

Beamline Magnet Design - Simon Yu reported PPPL is doing a full design of the Robust Point Design with general scaling rules to investigate sensitivities from the baseline design point. PPPL is concentrating on the magnets, magnet supports, and assembly/maintenance provisions on the 120-beam case with 24° ˝-angle configuration.

Target Materials, Injection, and Tracking

Ron Petzoldt noted GA is investigating high-Z foams for the HI indirect drive target.