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ARIES Project Meeting, January 8-10, 2003

Room 584, Engineering Building Unit II
UC San Diego,
La Jolla, CA

Action Items for ARIES-IFE
Plans for Compact Stellarator Study

Wednesday, 8 January 2003

8:00 Coffee UCSD Hosts


8:30 Welcome to UCSD + Logistical Information Najmabadi
8:35 Status of ARIES-IFE and ARIES-CS Study and Near-Term Plans, Najmabadi
8:55 Review of Agenda Waganer
9:00 DOE Comments Opdenaker
9:05 Summary of Findings of Lehman Committee to Assess the ITER Cost Estimates (pdf, Power Point) Waganer
9:45 Break

ARIES-IFE Presentations

Systems Analysis and Integration

9:45 Status of Heavy Ion Driver Point Design (pdf, Power Point) Meier

Chamber and Final Optics Nuclear Analysis

10:15   Final Focus Magnet Shielding Design Details (pdf, Power Point) Latkowski (Meier)

Target Fabrication, Injection, and Tracking

10:45 Indirect Drive Target Materials Selection and Costing Studies (pdf, Power Point) Petzoldt
11:15 Lunch

Chamber/Beam Physics, Beam transport, and Chamber Clearing

1:00 Integrated TSUNAMI Simulations for the Heavy-ion Point Design (pdf, Power Point) Debonnel (Yu)
1:20 Status of Operational Windows for HIF Chamber Transport Modes (pdf, Power Point) Rose
1:40 Beamline Design Issues (pdf, Power Point) Welch
2:10 Break

Beamline Engineering

2:30 Review of the Mechanical Design of the Final Focusing Region of the HIF Point Design (pdf, Power Point) Brown
3:00 Comparison of Final Focus Magnetic Systems for the Assisted Pinched Transport and the RPD-2002 (pdf, Power Point) Yu

Chamber Engineering, Thick Liquid Wall Approach

3:30 Summary of Assessment of IFE Chamber Structural Materials (pdf, Power Point) Billone (Raffray)
4:00 Discussion Period for Summary of Engineering Results All
5:00 Adjourn


Thursday, 9 January 2003

8:00 Coffee UCSD Hosts

Chamber Engineering (Cont'd)

8:35 Chamber Conditions with Thick Liquid Walls (pdf, Power Point) Haynes
9:00 Aerosol Conditions in Chamber Shielded with Thick Liquid Walls (pdf, Power Point) Sharpe (Raffray)
9:30 Scoping Study of Liquid Wall Mechanical Response to Thermal Shocks (pdf, Power Point) Raffray
9:50 Design Windows for Thin and Thick Liquid Protection Schemes for IFE Reactor Chambers (pdf, Power Point) Yoda
10:20 Break
10:30 Irradiation Effects on Insulating Material for Magnets for IFE and/or MFE (pdf, Power Point) Bromberg


11:00 Summarize ARIES-IFE Action Items/Plans/Next Meeting and CC Dates (pdf) Najmabadi/Raffray
11:15 Lunch

Compact Stellarators as Power Plants

12:30 Reactor Configuration Development (pdf, Power Point) Ku
1:45 Power Plant Study of Compact Stellarators (pdf) Garabedian
2:10 Break
2:45 ECRF Heating in Compact Stellarator Power Plants (pdf, Power Point) Mau
3:15 Superconducting Coil Options to Meet Compact Stellarator Reactor Requirements (pdf) Bromberg
3:45 Issues in the Stability Analysis for the Compact Stellarator Design (pdf, MS Word) Turnbull
4:15 Discussion Period for Configuration Development/Engineering All
5:00 Adjourn


Friday, 10 January 2003

8:00 Coffee UCSD Hosts

Chamber Engineering (Cont'd)

8:30 Plans for ARIES-CS Engineering Activities (pdf, Power Point) Raffray
9:00 Maintenance Concept for Compact Stellarator Modular Blankets (pdf, MS Word) Malang
9:30 Minimum Radial Standoff: Problem Definition, Needed Info (pdf, Power Point) El-Guebaly
10:00 Break
10:15 Discussion of Compact Stellarator Power Plant Requirements (pdf, Power Point) Waganer
10:45 Discussion of Design Approach/Evaluation/Selection All

ARIES Compact Stellarator Summary, Action items

11:15 Action Items, and Plans Najmabadi
12:00 Adjourn

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