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ARIES Project E*Meeting, Feb. 25, 2003

Tuesday February 25, 2003 (314-232-3805)

11:00 Roll Call  

Configuration Development

11:05 Assessment of CS Configuration Development (pdf, ppt) Long-Poe Ku
11:35 General Discussion and Assignment of Action Items All

Systems Analysis and Integration

11:45 Systems Code Modeling and Preliminary Results (pdf) Jim Lyon
12:15 General Discussion and Assignment of Action Items All

Physics Analysis

12:25 Update on Physics Modeling of CS Plasma Allan Turnball
12:35 Update on ECRF Heating System Assessment TK Mau

Engineering Analysis

12:45 Update on High Temperature Superconducting Magnets Leslie Bromberg
12:55 Radial Build Updates for Blanket and Divertor Zones (pdf) El-Guebaly
1:05 First Wall and Blanket Approaches Rene Raffray
1:15 Other Topics All
1:30 Meeting Asummary & Action Items Najmabadi/Raffray

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