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Liquid Wall Chamber Dynamics
ARIES Town Meeting
May 5-6, 2003, Livermore, CA

Electronic Agenda (pdf, Word) and the announcement (pdf)


Monday, 5 May 2003

8:30 Welcome/logistics W. Meier
8:45 Background and goals of the town meeting (pdf, Power Point) R. Raffray

Session 1 IFE Target Threats

Chair: R. Petzoldt
9:10 Indirect-drive targets D. Callahan
9:35 Target Output D. Haynes
10:00 Break

Session 2 Driver and Target Constraints

Chair: J. Latkowski
10:15 Heavy Ion Drivers (pdf) S. Yu
10:40 Target materials selection and constraints on chamber conditions (pdf, Power Point) R. Petzoldt
11:05 Discussion

Session 3 Chamber/Liquid Wall Dynamics Under Threats
(short term, ~ microseconds-milliseconds)
Liquid wall response to threats and early chamber dynamics

Chair: S. Abdel-Khalik
11:20 BUCKY Simulations of Source Term for Aerosolization Studies D. Haynes
11:45 (1) Liquid Wall ablation under IFE Photon Energy Deposition, and 2) FLiBe properties from EOS (pdf, Power Point) R. Raffray/M. Zaghloul
12:25 Lunch
1:30 ABLATOR modeling of X-ray Effects on Liquid Walls (pdf, Power Point) S. Reyes
1:55 Gas Transport and Control in HIF Thick-Liquid Target Chambers and Beam Tubes (pdf, Power Point, AVI Animation) C. Debonnel
2:20 Isochoric Nuclear Heating and Desing Implications (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
2:35 Numerical Simulation of hydrodyanmic Processes in High Power Liquid Mercury Targets (pdf, Power Point) R. Samulyak
3:00 Discussion
3:30 Break
Chair: P. Sharpe
3:45 The effect of ionization on condensation in ablation plumes (pdf, Power Point) M. Tillack
4:10 Experimental Study of Flibe Vapor Condensation (pdf) P. Calderoni
4:35 Shock tube experiments R. Bonazza
5:00 Discussion
5:30 Adjourn

Tuesday, 6 May 2003


Chamber/Liquid Wall Dynamics (long term, to ~0.1 s)
Session 4.1 Chamber clearing mechanisms

Chair: D. Haynes
8:00 Modeling Effort on Chamber Clearing for IFE Liquid Chambers at UCLA (pdf) P. Calderoni
8:25 Chamber clearing--The hydrodynamic source term (pdf, Power Point) S. Abdel-Khalik
8:50 Aerosol Production Simulations in IFE-ID Chambers -- New Results (Power Point)
Detailed Simulations Results (pdf, Power Point)
P. Sharpe
9:15 Simulation of Gas Dynamics in IFE Chambers by SPARTAN Code (pdf) Z. Dragojlovic/F. Najmabadi
9:40 Discussion
10:10 Break

Session 4.2 Liquid re-establishment

Chair: M. Tillack
10:25 Jet disruption/recovery experiment (pdf) P. Peterson
10:50 Fluid dynamic aspects of thin liquid film Protection Concepts (pdf, Power Point) S. Abdel-Khalik
11:15 Discussion
11:45 Final discussion, wrap-up and summary W. Meier/R.Raffray
12:30   Adjourn
1:30 Start ARIES Project Meeting