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ARIES Project Meeting, May 6-7, 2003

Hilton Garden Inn
Livermore, CA
(hosted by LLNL)

Call-in Number 925-292-2000 (hotel), Ext 5115.

Actions Items for ARIES-CS

Tuesday, 6 May 2003

12:30   Adjourn Town Meeting for Lunch  


1:30 Welcome to Livermore + Logistical Information Meier
1:35 Review of Agenda Waganer
1:40 Status of ARIES IFE Study Najmabadi
1:50 DOE Comments Opdenaker

ARIES-IFE Thick Wall Assessment

Chamber/Beam Physics, Beam Transport, and Chamber Clearing

2:00 Assessment of Streaming Instabilities for Neutralized-Ballistic Transport (pdf, Power Point) Rose
2:20 Vortex Extraction (pdf) Peterson

Chamber Engineering

2:40 A "PCA" Version of 304 SS for HYLIFE (MS Word) Moir
2:55 Discussion
3:00 Break
3:15 Conceptual Design for HYLIFE Maintenance (pdf, Power Point, mpeg animation) Abbott
3:45 Nozzle Motion/Phasing over Reactor Lifetime (pdf, Power Point) Waganer

Beamline Engineering

4:15 Neutralized Drift Compression (pdf, Power Point) Welch

Chamber and Final Optics Nuclear Analysis

4:35 Waste Disposal Assessment for the Final Focusing Magnets in the RPD-2002 (pdf, Power Point) Latkowski

Target Fabrication, Injection, and Tracking

4:50 Summary of Target Factory Labor Assumptions (pdf, Power Point) Petzoldt
4:55 Mitigation of Target Assembly Step Failure Petzoldt
5:00 Adjourn Meeting


Wednesday, 7 May 2003

8:00 Coffee LLNL Hosts

ARIES-CS, Assessment of Compact Stellarator as a Power Reactor

Configuration Development/Optimization

8:30 CS Configuration Development and Key Issues (pdf, Power Point) Ku
9:15 Discussion of Configuration Examination and Optimization (pdf, Word) Led by Neilson
9:30 Break  
9:45 Progress on Systems Code Application to CS reactors (pdf, Power Point) Lyon (phone-in)
10:30 Discussion of Systems Code Utilization Led by Najmabadi
10:40 A Two-Field Period Candidate for ARIES-CS (pdf) Garabedian
11:30 Ideal Stability Calculations for ARIES Compact Stellarator Configurations (pdf) Turnbull
11:50 High-beta Experiments on W7AS and Possible Implications    (pdf) Zarnstroff
12:10 Discussion
12:20 Lunch

Engineering Development/Optimization

1:20 Status Update of NSCX and QPS Projects (pdf, Power Point) Neilson
1:50 Radial Build Definition for LiPb/SiC System (pdf) El-Guebaly
2:20 ECRF Heating on CS Reactors (pdf, Power Point) Mau
2:50 Demountable S/C Coil Options (Benefits vs. Risks) (pdf, Power Point) Bromberg
3:20 Break
3:30 Safety Issues Related to FLiBe/FS Blanket and VV Placement (pdf, Power Point) Merrill
3:45 Scoping of Modular CS Engineering Configuration (pdf, Power Point) Raffray, Wang, Malang
4:30 Stellarator Divertor Design and Optimization with NCSX Examples (pdf, Power Point) Koniges
5:00 Discussion of Engineering Study Approach/Plan Raffray
5:20 Review of Generated Action Items Raffray
5:30 Summarize of Study Plans and Next Meeting/CC Dates Najmabadi
5:30 Adjourn Meeting