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ARIES Conference Call, 3 June 2003

Documented by L. Waganer

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Les Waganer mentioned the May 2003 Livermore ARIES meeting minutes were written and he hoped to distribute the draft ASAP.

The next ARIES IFE/CS meeting is scheduled to be held in Atlanta, Georgia in September. Said Abdel-Khalik said that he has made most of the arrangements. The new hotel at the convention center will accommodate our group and the room rate will be $99/night.

The next ARIES-CS conference call is scheduled for June 10.

Rene mentioned he is preparing the ARIES IFE Town Meeting summary and has circulated the table of models and appropriate applications. The table has been expanded and now contains improved details. Comments are still welcome. Les has just sent out the Town Meeting minutes for review by the attendees. These minutes will be combined with the ARIES project meeting minutes for completeness.

Status of ARIES-IFE Technical Areas

Beam Engineering - David Rose is concentrating on two-stream structures on the beam transport models. He just presented some results at the recent particle accelerator conference. He is doing more simulations on the transport model. Dale Welch is addressing the beam combining issue for the Assisted Pinch Transport approach, although the issues are partially common to the neutralized beam transport and the self pinch approaches.

Simon Yu said there is an effort on modeling the upstream components from the chamber to the driver.

Chamber Wall Engineering - Said Abdel-Khalik informed the team that GT has been working on quantifying the hydrodynamic source term for aerosol generation in the thick liquid wall chamber with protecting jets. They are designing rectangular nozzles with boundary layer cutting and flow straighteners. The data presented at the town meeting did not contain these features and GT is working on quantifying the influence of these flow enhancements. He is striving to have comparative data at the September meeting.

Laila is addressing the breeding zone in the HYLIFE-II design. She has assumed the liquid pocket is followed by a 50-cm channel of FLiBe in the solid structure. She has found there is excess breeding ratio at 1.25. She is proposing elimination of that breeding layer. Said Abdel-Khalik asked about the depletion of the lithium content in the FLiBe, which is not normally replaced during the life of the plant. However, it can be reconstituted in situ with enriched lithium.

René Raffray mentioned that he needed the chapter inputs for the IFE final report papers to document the ARIES dry wall project results. René also mentioned Phil Sharpe is on leave and had nothing to report.