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ARIES Conference Call, 12 August 2003

Documented by L. Waganer

(ANL) -
(Boeing) Waganer
(DOE) -
(FPA) -
(GA) Turnbull
(GT) -
(INL) Merrill
(LANL) -
(LBNL) -
(LLNL) -
(MIT) -
(MRC) -
(NRL) -
(NYU) Garabedian
(ORNL) Lyon
(PPPL) Ku, Neislon
(RPI) -
(SNL) -
(UCSD) Mau, Raffray, Tillack, Wang
(UW) -


Les Waganer mentioned the next meeting is at Georgia Tech on September 3, 4 and possibly 5, 2003. Said Abel-Khalik has made the meeting and hotel arrangements. The meeting will address both IFE and CS project efforts. Said will arrange for a tour of the Mechanical Engineering facilities. Rene Raffray noted that there would be an emphasis on reactor safety.

The tentative dates for the following meeting are December 3-4-5, 2003.

Status of ARIES-CS Technical Areas

Ideal MHD Beta Limits - Alan Turnbull said he was having some difficulties with the TERPSICHORE code regarding the conducting wall. When the conducting wall is too close to the plasma, the code cannot handle it. However he is working around this problem with minimal difficulty.

Systems Code Definition – Jim Lyon is working on expanding to code to handle the Long-Poe Ku 3-field period cases. He has obtained the POPCON code results and has incorporated them into his code

Configuration Development - Long-Poe Ku reported he has been working on alternate coil configurations. He has obtained heat and alpha loss loads on the wall surfaces and is forwarding that information to the engineering group. He is using the magnetic flux surface as a figure of merit in the code optimizer.

Action Item Discussions

#8 Impact of shaving 10 cm toroidally off coils - Ku said this would be very difficult to do with substantial degradation of the field and plasma performance. It would be easier to accomplish same result with a modified coil set. Rene asked to define “modified”. Basically the major radius would be increased linearly.

#9 Penalty for changing field periods (3 to 2)? - Long-Poe Ku said that four field periods is not considered to be a compact stellarator. The 3-field period is at the upper limit and 2-field period is more compact. There was some discussion regarding the method to compare the two. Ku needs a 2-field period plasma shape. LP Ku has a code but need a surface to generate coordinates. Paul Garabedian is working to provide something to Ku. Lyon also would like to have data for his systems code.

There was little to report on the remaining action items.