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ARIES Project Meeting, September3-4, 2003

Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
Conference Room 323, Global Learning Center
800 Spring Street, NW; Atlanta, GA 30308

Wednesday, 3 September 2003

8:00 Coffee GIT Hosts


8:30 Welcome to Atlanta + Logistical Information Abdel-Khalik
8:35 Review of Agenda Waganer
8:40 Status of ARIES-CS Study and Near-Term Plans, Najmabadi

ARIES-CS Presentations


ARIES CS Configuration Development & Optimization

9:00 Stability for LHD, W7AS, MHH2 and Coil Configuration for New 8-meter Device (pdf) Garabedian
9:45 Assessment of Updated CS Configurations (pdf, Power Point) Ku
10:30   Break
10:45 Recent Results on CS Reactor Optimization (pdf, Power Point) Lyon
11:30 Ideal MHD Beta limits for ARIES-CS (pdf) Turnbull
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Discussion of optimization process and plans for Dec. Meeting Najmabadi

Engineering Development and Optimization

2:00 Radial Build Definition for Li/FS and LiPb/FS Systems (pdf, Power Point) El Guebaly
2:30 Assessment of Sector-like Maintenance Approaches and Scoping Study of Liquid Breeder Blanket (pdf, Power Point) Malang
3:15 Break
3:30 Assessment of Maintenance through Ports Between Each pair of Adjacent Coils for 2-Field Period (pdf, Power Point)    Raffray
3:45 Stellarator Megnet Conductors (pdf, Power Point) Bromberg
4:15 Discussion of Safety & Engineering Issues Raffray Leads
Safety Related Design Issues (pdf, Power Point) Merrill
Updated Concerns on the Material Interactions (pdf, Power Point) Sze
5:45 Adjourn


Thursday, 4 September 2003

8:00 Coffee GIT Hosts

ARIES-IFE Presentations


General IFE Overview

Perspectives on Recent Progress and Future Directions in IFE (pdf, Power Point) Logan

Chamber/Beam Physics, Beam Transport, and Chamber Clearing

9:00 Self-pinched Transport Modeling (pdf, Power Point) Olson
9:30 Neutralized Drift Compression (pdf, Power Point) Welch
10:00 Gas dynamics transport and control: challenges and plans for the future (pdf, Power Point ,avi Movie) Debonnel
10:30 Break
10:45 Ablation of liquid protection jets at 0.5 m radius (pdf, Power Point) Raffray
11:15 Modular Driver with Assisted Pinch (pdf, Power Point) Yu
11:45 Lunch

Chamber Engineering

1:00 Hydrodynamic Source Term with Boundary Layer Cutting and Flow Straighteners (pdf, Power Point) Abdel-Khalik/Yoda

Target Fabrication, Injection, and Tracking

1:30 Target Mateials Selection and Removal of WC from FLiBe (pdf, Power Point) Petzoldt
1:45 Break

Summary of Thick Liquid Wall Chamber Protection

2:00 Some Concluding Comments on Thick Liquid Walls (pdf, Power Point) Meier
2:20 Summary of Thick Liquid Wall Chamber Protection Raffray/Najmabadi
4:30 Action Items, and Plans Najmabadi
5:00 Adjourn (Tour of GIT Test Facilities)

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