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ARIES Project Meeting, September 16, 2004

Monona Terrace Convention Center, Hall of Ideas - Room H
Madison, WI
(following TOFE meeting)

Thursday, 16 September 2004



1:00 Welcome, Arrangements, and Logistical Info L. El-Guebaly
1:05 Review of Agenda L. Waganer
1:10 Status of ARIES CS Study F. Najmabadi

Compact Stellarator Reactor Engineering Assessment

1:15 Update of the ARIES-CS Maintenance (PowerPoint, pdf) X. Wang
1:30 Likely Blanket Structure and Coolant Materials S. Zinkle
2:00 Preliminary LOCA Analysis for LiPb/FS System (PowerPoint, pdf) Jake Blanchard
2:20 Power Core Options, Decision Factors, and Selection for Phase II (PowerPoint, pdf) R. Raffray
2:40 Break
3:00 Summary of Power Core Materials & Fabrication Unit Costs (PowerPoint, pdf) L. Waganer

Compact Stellarator Reactor Physics Basis

3:20 Assessment of QH Class of Compact Stellarator Configurations (PowerPoint, pdf) L-P Ku
3:50 A Look At Another Prompt Alpha Loss P. Garabedian

Compact Stellarator Reactor Engineering Assessment

4:10 Neutron Wall Loading Profile Using CAD/MCNP Interface (PowerPoint, pdf) Mengkuo Wang

Compact Stellarator Reactor Integrated Systems Assessment

4:25 Revision of Previous Results and Progress on Systems Code (PowerPoint, pdf) J. Lyon

Summary and Wrapup

4:50 Meeting Wrapup and Action Items F. Najmabadi
5:00 Adjourn

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