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ARIES Conference Call, 17 May 2005

Documented by L. Waganer

(ANL) -
(Boeing) Waganer
(DOE) -
(FPA) -
(FZK) Ihli
(GA) Turnbull
(GT) Abdel-Khalik, Yoda
(INL) Merrill
(MIT) -
(NYU) Garabedian
(ORNL) -
(RPI) -
(UCSD) Mau, Najmabadi, Raffray, Wang
(UW) El-Gububaly, Martin


The plans are in place for next ARIES meeting scheduled at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, on Tuesday, 14 June (all day) and a half day, Wednesday, 15 June 2005. Laila El-Guebaly has arranged for a block of rooms and a discounted room rate at the Doubletree Hotel. Please contact the hotel before the negotiated rate expires on May 12. Laila needs to know who will be attending the meeting and if you will be attending the group dinner. Please forward your electronic presentations to Dennis Bruggink before June 10. Rene Raffray mentioned he would like to summarize the results the recent ISFNT meeting.

Compact Stellarator Reactor Engineering Assessment

Power Core Engineering - Rene Raffray summarized the pending action items and mentioned that they should be completed and reported at the June meeting. He noted that the main engineering effort is in support of the engineering of the divertor. Rene said that he would contact Leslie Bromberg to determine if he had new information on the coil configuration or related cost and performance algorithms.

Divertor Design Basis - Thomas Ihli is continuing to refine the design and thermal-structural analysis of the T-shaped divertor for the ARIES-CS design. He is presently working on the assessment of handling off-nominal and asymmetric heating and particle loads.

Thermal Modeling of He-Cooled Divertor - Said Abdel-Khalik said that the modeling and analysis of the helium-cooled divertor is in work, primarily involving the FEM definition of the divertor design. He is analyzing requirements for heating levels around 10 MW/m2.

Blanket and Shield Neutronic Analysis - Laila El-Guebaly said that M. Wang was working on the 3-D neutronics code modeling. Laila was finalizing the power core compositions in the FWBS regions.

LOCA/LOFA Assessment - Carl Martin updating the data in the blanket and shield LOCA/LOFA analysis with the most recent power core compositions.

Compact Stellarator Reactor Physics Basis

Physics Assessment of New QAS and QH configurations - Long Poe is working for the latest improvements on the QAS and QH configurations.

Divertor Heat and Particle Load Modeling - T.K. Mau said he is continuing to develop modeling of the divertor particle mapping at the plasma boundary to the first wall or divertor surface.

Compact Stellarator Integrated Systems Assessment

Systems Code Analysis - Jim Lyon was not on the telecon, thus there was no input.