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US/Japan Workshop on
Power Plant Studies and Advanced Technologies with EU participation

24-25 January 2006, San Diego, CA

Agenda (pdf, MS Word)
Group Photo 1 and Group Photo 2

Tuesday, 24 January 2005

584 EBUII (Engineering Building Unit II),
UC San Diego
8:00       Coffee
8:30   Welcome & Opening Remarks (pdf, Power Point) F. Najmabadi

Session 1: Stellarator Power Plant Studies-I (Chairman: Y. Ogawa)

8:45 Design-based System Optimization on LHD-type Reactor FFHR (pdf) A. Sagara
9:30 Overview of ARIES Compact Stellarator Study (pdf, PowerPoint) F. Najmabadi
9:45 Attractive QAS Configurations for Compact Stellarator Power Plants (pdf, PowerPoint) L-P Ku
10:30 Break
10:45 ARIES-CS System Studies (pdf, PowerPoint) J. Lyon
11:30 Edge particle and Heat Flux Control for Compact Stellarator Power Plants (pdf) T-K. Mau
12:00 Lunch

Session 2: Tokamak Power Plant Studies (Chairman: F. Najmabadi)

13:15 Overview of Reactor Studies in Europe (pdf, Power Point) D. Maisonnier
14:00 Magnets of tokamak reactor, the indispensable &(but) burdensome existence (pdf, Power Point) S. Nishio

Session 3: Stellarator Power Plant Studies-II (Chairman: D. Maisonnier)

14:45 Magnet Option for Stellarator Power Plants (pdf, Power Point) L. Bromberg
15:30 Break
15:45 Engineering Design & Analysis of ARIES-CS (pdf, Power Point) R. Raffray
16:30 ARIES-CS Radial Build Definition and Nuclear System Characteristics (pdf, Power Point) L. El-Guebaly
17:00 Maintenance Schemes for ARIES-CS (pdf, Power Point) X. Wang
17:30 Adjourn
18:30 Workship Dinner

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

584 EBUII (Engineering Building Unit II),
UC San Diego
8:00       Coffee

Session 4: Inertial Fusion Power Plant Studies (Chairman: R. Raffray)

8:30 Fast Ignition (FI) Laser Fusion reactor KOYO-F -Summary from design committee of FI laser fusion reactor (pdf, Power Point)     T. Norimatsu
9:15 Fast-Ignition Laser Reactor Design with a Dry Wall and a High Repetition Laser (pdf, Power Point) Y. Ogawa
10:15 Break

Session 5: Fusion Energy Introduction & H Economy (Chairman: A. Sagara)

10:30 Fusion energy introduction: Impacts on grid and hydrogen production (pdf, Power Point) S. Konishi
11:15 Development Scenario of Tokamak Reactor for Early Demonstration of Electric Power Generation (pdf, Power Point) R. Hiwatari
12:00 Lunch

Session 6: Demo and CTF (Chairman: T. Norimastu)

13:15 DEMO parameters - Preliminary Considerations (pdf, Power Point) D. Ward
14:00 Critical Physics Issues for DEMO (pdf, Power Point) L. Horton
14:45 Break
15:00 DEMO Fusion Core Engineering: Blanket Integration & Maintenance (pdf, Power Point) T. Ihli
15:45 Plasma current ramp-up and ignition in the Component Test Facility (pdf) O. Mitarai
16:30 Closing Remarks
16:45 Adjourn

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