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ARIES Project Meeting, 14-15 June 2006

Engineering Building II, Room 584
University of California - San Diego, CA

Wednesday, 14 June 2006

12:30 Coffee UCSD Hosts


1:00 Meeting Arrangements and Logistical Info R. Raffray
1:05 Review of Meeting Agenda L. Waganer
1:10 Status of ARIES-CS study and Purpose of Meeting F. Najmabadi

Compact Stellarator Power Plant Integrated System Assessment

1:20 Final Radial Builds for LiPb/FS/He and LiPb/SiC Systems (pdf ) L. El-Guebaly
1:50 Systems Code Results (pdf , PowerPoint ) J. Lyon
3:00 Break

Compact Stellarator Power Plant Physics Basis

3:15 Recent Development in Plasma and Coil Configurations (+ PF coils)    (pdf, PowerPoint) L-P Ku
1:30 Baseline Divertor/Baffle Solution (Geometry and Heat Load) (pdf )    T. K. Mau
4:45 Adjourn


Thursday, 15 June 2006

8:00 Coffee UCSD Hosts

Compact Stellarator Power Plant Engineering Assessment

8:30 Design Updates on the Power Core Elements and Buildings (pdf , Power Point ) X. Wang
9:15 Low Cost Approach to Fabricate Integrated Coil Structure (pdf ,Power Point) L. Waganer
9:45 Details of the Maintenance Approach (pdf, Power Point) L. Waganer
10:15 Break
10:30 Maintainability and Availability Analysis (pdf, Power Point) L. Waganer
11:00 Vacuum Pumping Systems Definition F. Najmabadi
11:15 Design Definition of Stellarator Coil Systems (pdf ) L. Bromberg
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Update on Experimental Verification of Divertor Performance (pdf , Power Point ) S.Abdel-Khalik
1:15 Power Core Engineering Status (pdf ) R. Raffray
10:30 Discussion, Action Items, and Plans F. Najmabadi
11:00 Adjourn

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