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ARIES Conference Call, 31 October 2006

Documented by L. Waganer

(ANL) -
(Boeing) Waganer
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(GA) Turnbull
(INL) Merrill
(MIT) Bromberg
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(UCSD) Malang, Mau, Raffray, Tillack, Wang
(UW) El-Guebaly


The TOFE conference will be held on 13-15 November with two oral sessions devoted to ARIES-CS presentations. Rene Raffray asked all authors to provide him a copy of presentations and papers by November 3 for cross referencing data and results. It was also suggested that an informal meeting be scheduled for 12:00 noon on Tuesday at the TOFE conference to clean up any loose ends and make sure we are on track to deliver the preliminary report chapters by 15 December to Raffray and Najmabadi.

The Project is planning to publish the ARIES-CS chapter reports in a special issue of Fusion Science and Technology. It is requested that each author provide a title, a list of coauthors, and a detailed abstract of the chapter to Rene Raffray by November 7. Consolidation and expansion of the papers is welcomed.

Physics Assessment

Coil Design and Assessment - L. P. Ku did not have any new results to report.

Divertor Design and Analysis- TK Mau reminded the group that at the PPPL meeting in October 06, the code was not fully operational and the preliminary results were not yet acceptable, although the 3 point solutions held some promise. Since that meeting, the code has been updated and the 3 point results are no longer favorable with higher peaking factors in the range of 15 for the conditions defined in early October. TK tried to move the leading edge further away, but the peaking factor increased. No solution space seems to exist with the current code or geometry solutions. He is considering increasing the diffusion coefficients and maybe locally modifying the plate geometry at the peak heat flux points (5 point solution). TK will attempt to find a solution by the end of the week. If no acceptable solution is found by the end of the week, he will confer with Rene Raffray to determine the correct course of action to be documented in the journal chapter.

ECH Design- TK Mau had nothing to report.

Engineering Assessment

Engineering, General - Rene Raffray said that Siegfried Malang thought that the PPPL minutes were incorrect about the design safety factor. Rene and Siegfried will prepare a replacement phrase in the Word and HTML files for Waganer incorporation into the meeting minutes.

Safety Assessment - Brad Merrill had nothing to report.

Divertor Coolant Tube - Rene Raffray, Siegfried Malang and Xueren Wang reported that they have been working design solutions with Laila El-Guebaly to define the needed shielding and modifying the divertor tube design to satisfy the cooling, shielding, and the maintenance requirements. Xueren noted that some of the local divertor shielding will have to be replaceable with the blanket. Les Waganer suggested this replaceable blanket be shown differently from the non-replaceable blanket. Laila noted that the shielding around the outside of the pipe will have to be added to protect the external components. Laila El-Guebaly and Xueren Wang noted that the shielding around the divertor pumping ducts are inadequate and must be increased in size.

Coil Design Assessment - No inputs from L. Bromberg.

Neutronics Assessments Assessments - UW examined the most current NWL results near the divertor plates. At a SOL thickness of 5 cm, the average NWL at the outboard divertor plate is around 2 MW/m2, and at the inboard divertor plate is around 2.7 M/m2. With a larger SOL thickness of around 30 cm, the NLW will decrease by ~ 5%.

Laila also reported on the LOCA and LOFA analysis that C. Martin is performing. In the case of helium coolant LOCA and LiPb LOFA, the structural reuse temperature is not exceeded.

Integrated Systems Assessment

Systems Code Analysis - Jim Lyon was not in attendance.