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ARIES Project Meeting, 14-15 June 2007

General Atomics - Room 7-120
La Jolla, CA

Thursday, 14 June 2007

1:10 Debrief of Advisory Committee (ppt, Kuhr Remarks ppt) K. Schultz

ARIES-TNS Systems Code Development

2:15 Progress on Systems Code Development (ppt) Z. Dragojlovic
2:45 Updated Costing Accounts 20 and 21, Land and Structures (ppt) L. Waganer
3:30 Progress on Systems Code Development (ppt) C. Kessel
4:00 Break

ARIES-TNS Technical Working Group

4:15 TWG Background, and Power Management Subgroup (ppt) M. Tillack
4:30 Tritium Management Subgroup (ppt) P. Sharpe
4:45 Operations Subgroup (ppt) L. Waganer

ARIES-TNS Task Results

5:00 Trade-off studies and engineering input to systems code (ppt) R. Raffray
5:30 Material, Design and Cost Modeling of High-Performance Coils (pdf) L. Bromberg
6:00 Adjourn

Friday, 15 June 2007

7:30 Coffee GA Host

ARIES-TNS Task Results, continued

8:00 ITER tritium plant design and status of review (ppt) P. Sharpe
8:30 Determining Tritium Breeding Ratio Requirements (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
9:00 Tritium Breeding Ratio Discussion All
9:30 Making sense of fusion radwaste: recycling and clearance (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
10:00 Break
10:10 How to achieve high reliability, availability and maintainability (ppt) L. Waganer
10:30 Do we need a physical Demo, or will a simulation suffice? (ppt) L. Waganer
10:45 Action items, next call, next meeting F. Najmabadi
11:00 Adjourn Meeting

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