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ARIES Conference Call, 2 August 2007

Documented by L. Waganer

(ANL) -
(Boeing) Waganer
(DOE) -
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(FZK) -
(MIT) Bromberg
(RPI) Steiner
(UCSD) Dragojlovic, Malang, Mau, Najmabadi, Tillack
(UW) El-Guebaly


The next meeting will be held at INL on September 6th for a full day and a half day on September 7th. Phil Sharp is making the arrangements for the meeting location, the Red Lion hotel in Idaho Falls, ID.

Status of the ARIES-TNS Study

Systems Code Development - Zoran Dragojlovic has been exercising the systems code to validate the magnet costs as compared to the quoted ARIES-AT version. He has found several errors that have been corrected. He has been coordinating with Chuck Kessel on the physics results and comparing them to the code results.

Radial Build - Laila El-Guebaly noted that she has provided Zoran data on the radial build for the baseline tokamak based on the results learned in the ARIES-AT study. She is also investigating 3 D neutron streaming in the divertor He pipes of ARIES-CS. The neutron damage is too high at the vacuum vessel area and she is proposing corrective measures. Laila is also preparing a technical paper on radwaste management for the ISFNT conference and implementing the reviewers’ comments received on the ARIES-CS papers.

Divertor Heat and Particle Analysis - T. K. Mau reported he is making corrections for the ARIES-CS final report based on the reviewers’ comments. He has been doing a literature database search to help update the physics database for power and particle handling at the divertor and first wall. He volunteered to be on the Operations TWG. He has contacted LLNL to collaborate on the power distribution between the divertor and first wall.

Power Handling Technical Working Group - Mark Tillack noted that he had been coordinating with his group to establish an outline and writing assignments to make sure the Power Handling TWG has a complete final report by the December 07 meeting. Alan Turnbull has been added to his team.

Magnet Coil Modeling - Leslie Bromberg is putting together a structural analysis code for the magnet coils, probably a FORTRAN code. The shape of the coil is one of the free parameters although a limited set of shapes will constitute the preferred options.

Dialog with Advisory Committee - Don Steiner is having continuing dialog with Ken Schultz and the Advisory Committee on assuring they have adequate knowledge of the technical basis and general approach so they can provide meaningful advice for our study. Mark Tillack suggested Don should work with Ken Schultz on a higher level report that would be of more value to the project.