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ARIES Project Meeting, 6-7 September 2007

Red Lion Hotel Conference Center, Sawtooth Room
Idaho Falls, ID

Thursday, 6 September 2007

8:30 Welcome, Meeting Logistics, Agenda P. Sharpe, L. Waganer
8:40 Highlights of 2nd IAEA TM on 1st Gen. of Fusion Power Plants L. El-Guebaly
9:00 Status and Update on Project Pathways F. Najmabadi
9:15 Plans to Utilize Advisory Committee K. Schultz

ARIES-Pathways Systems Code Development

9:45 Progress on Engineering and Cost Algorithms for the Systems Code (ppt, pdf) Z. Dragojlovic
10:45 Break
11:00 Progress on Systems Cost Accounts and Algorithms (ppt,pdf)
Excel files:
Fabrication Costs per kgRevH(090407),
GDP Current (083007 Chained with Deflators from BEA),
New Recommended Cost Accounts
L. Waganer
11:30 Progress on Systems Code Engineering and Physics Validation C. Kessel
12:00 Lunch

ARIES-Pathways Task Results

1:00 How I &C Evolution (and some Revolutions) will help ITER Evolve into DEMO (ppt,pdf) Tom Weaver
1:30 Magnetc Codes and Issues L. Bromberg
2:00 Physics limitations and their impact on engineering design of DEMO (ppt, pdf) A. Turnbull
2:30 Radwaste Management Issues (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
3:00 Relevancy of Titian Results to DEMO program (ppt, pdf) P. Sharpe
3:30 Exploring Capability to Calculate Heat Loads on Divertors and First Walls (pdf, ppt) T. K. Mau
4:00 Blankets and Divertor - Maturing Technologies for DEMO? (pdf) S. Malang
4:30 General Discussion about DEMO Design Content All
6:00 Adjourn

Friday, 7 September 2007

8:00 Coffee INL Host

ARIES-Pathways Technical Working Group

8:30 Thermal Power Management (ppt, pdf) R. Raffray
8:45 Tritium Management Subgroup P. Sharpe
9:00 Plant Operations (ppt, pdf) L. Waganer
9:30 Discussion of Technical Working Groups Direction and Plans All
10:00 Break
10:15 Action items, next call, next meeting F. Najmabadi
11:00 Adjourn Meeting

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