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ARIES Conference Call, 27 September 2007

Documented by L. Waganer

(ANL) -
(Boeing) Waganer, Weaver
(DOE) -
(FPA) -
(FZK) -
(GA) Schultz, Turnbull
(GT) Abdel-Khalik, Yoda
(PPPL) Kessel
(RPI) Steiner
(UCSD) Dragojlovic, Malang, Mau, Najmabadi, Raffray, Wang
(UW) El-Guebaly


The next ARIES meeting will be held in conjunction with an Advisory Committee meeting in Atlanta the second week of December 2007. Les Waganer queried the ARIES team and found that the beginning of the second week to be the better date. (Follow up information) The team also suggested starting the Advisory Committee meeting on Tuesday, 11 December, to avoid travel on the weekend. The ARIES team meeting would then be on Wednesday, 12 December, and half a day on Thursday, 13 December. Said Abdel-Khalik and Minami Yoda are making the meeting arrangements.

Advisory Committee Meeting Planning and Interaction

Ken Schultz reported that he had distributed a rough draft of the Advisory Committee report relating to the initial meeting with the Committee on 13-14 June 2007. He is incorporating comments he has received. He has distributed an outline of topics to be covered in the upcoming December meeting. Don Steiner suggested a separate phone call be considered prior to the December meeting to better prepare the Committee. The consensus was that we needed to engage the Committee, but we do not want to overburden them. Ken Schultz will continue to work with the ARIES team and the Committee to see the best balance of interaction and depth of knowledge to be provided to the Committee. The purpose of the December meeting is a more in-depth understanding of the ARIES conceptual studies, primarily the ARIES-AT design.

Status of the ARIES-TNS Study

Systems Code Inputs and Development - Chuck Kessel has been working on the PF coil general solutions. The PF coils will reside outside the central bucking cylinder and outside the outer TF coils. The initial solution will consider a large number of PF coils rather equally spaced just outside the TF coils. Once this solution is chosen, these coils will be moved vertically up and down away from the mid-plane maintenance ports. The next iteration will be to cluster the coils into a smaller number of coils that have equivalent performance. Chuck anticipates sending Zoran some results within a month.

Zoran Dragojlovic said he continues to work on refining the coil algorithms obtained from Leslie Bromberg. He obtained feedback from Laila on the AT coil modeling. The current solution is within 15% of the AT results. There is some discrepancy with the conductor material being used – will resolve with Leslie. Zoran is hoping to have the out-of-plane structure defined by the end of October.

Divertor Heat and Particle Analysis - T. K. Mau reported he is working on the divertor power handling. He has scheduled a meeting with an expert at LLNL on the divertor modeling and will try to reproduce the AT results. He will include the impurities and get heat loads on divertor and first wall and will try to reproduce the AT results. He will include the impurities and get heat loads on divertor and first wall.

Power Core Engineering - Rene Raffray noted that he has been working with Zoran on the modeling of the power core systems. He is also working on the action items from the prior meeting. He intends to coordinate with Said on the tradeoffs associated with power handling. He said that the drafts for the ARIES-CS publications were generally completed and most were already at ANS with reviewer comments completed.

Power Core Neutronics - Laila El-Guebaly has finished the 3-D analysis of the neutron streaming through the divertor helium coolant access pipe. She is also refining the dual-cooled lithium lead blanket neutronic definition for the AT design approach.