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ARIES Project Meeting, 3-4 March 2008

Room 584 EBU2, UCSD
San Diego, CA

Monday, 3 March 2008

8:30 Welcome, Meeting Logistics, Agenda R. Raffray, L. Waganer
8:40 Status and update on pathways project F. Najmabadi

ARIES-Pathways Technical Working Groups

8:55 Progress developing an evaluation methodology for fusion R&D (ppt) M. Tillack
  Technical Readiness Level For Control of Plasma Power Flux Distribution (ppt) A. Turnbull
  Power Management Technical Working Group: TRL for Heat and Particle Flux Handling (ppt) R. Raffray
  TRL tables: power conversion and lifetime (ppt) M. Tillack
  Discussion of Technical Issues, TRL Definitions, and Interim Report (ppt) L. Waganer
  Safety and Environment TRL's (pdf) D. Steiner
  Licensing Options for the First US Demonstration Fusion Power Plant (ppt) S. Abdel-Khalik
  Risk and Opportunity Management: A Formal Process for use by Teams (ppt) T. Weaver
  Approach for a High Performance Fusion Power Source Pathway (ppt) D. Meade
  Top Level Requirements for Future Fusion Facilities (pdf) D. Steiner
  Advanced Fabrication - Future Vision for Fusion? (ppt) L. Waganer

ARIES-Pathways Systems Code Development

  LSA Factors and External Costs for ARIES System Code (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
  Preliminary ARIES-AT-DCLL Radial Build for ASC (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
  Costing of magnets, or How can the costs of ARIES be that much smaller that those of ITER (pdf) L. Bromberg

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

8:30 Analysis of Technical and Programmatic Tradeoffs with Systems Code (ppt) Z. Dragojlovic
  Restructuring System Cost Accounts and Algorithms (ppt) L. Waganer
  Restructuring System Cost Accounts and Algorithms (ppt) L. Waganer
  Status of helium-Cooled Plate-Type Divertor Design, CFD and Stress Analysis (ppt, pdf) X. Wang
  Status of the ARIES Industrial Advisory Committee (ppt) K. Schultz