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ARIES Project Meeting, 23-24 April 2009

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Room 1025, Engineering Centers Building
University of Wisconsin, Madison WI

8:30 Welcome and Summary of Agenda (pdf) G. Kulcinski,
L. Waganer
8:40 Status and Update on Pathways Project F. Najmabadi

ReNeW Project Results

9:00 ReNeW Progress and Future ARIES Involvement H. Neilson
9:30 Open Discussion of ARIES Present and Future Contributions all
10:00 Break  
10:15 Debriefing/New Results of Themes I (BPS) and II (HPSSP) Workshop (pdf) D. Meade
10:45 High Performance Sustained Plasma Renew Theme on Integration C. Kessel
11:00 Debriefing/New Results of Themes III (PMI) and IV (HFP) Workshop R. Raffray
11:30 Debriefing/New Results of Theme V (OMC) Workshop (pdf) J. Sarff
12:00 Open Discussion of Renew Workshop Results all
12:30 Lunch

ARIES Pathways Task Results

2:00 Neutronic Evaluation and Updates for ARIES-DB-DCLL (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
2:30 3-D Assessment of Neutron Streaming Through IB Assembly Gaps (pdf) T. Bohm
3:00 Improved Design of a Helium-cooled Divertor Target Plate (pdf) X. Wang
3:30 Break
3:45 Update on New Divertor Experimental Studies of an Array Pin Fins (ppt) M. Yoda,
S. Abdel-Khalik
4:00 More ARIES Cost Algorithm Updates (ppt) L. Waganer
5:00 Boeing's Approach to More Reliable Components and Systems T. Weaver
5:20 Suggested ARIES Approach for Reliability Improvement Program (ppt) M. Tillack
5:40 Adjourn

Friday, 24 April 2009

Room 584, Engineering II, UC San Diego
San Diego, CA

Status of Advisory Committee Involvement

8:30 Recommendations for ARIES Advisory Committee D. Meade

US/Japan Workshop on Fusion Power Plant Studies

9:00 Summary of US /Japan Workshop Presentations (pdf) L. El-Guebaly


9:45 Action Items Assigned/Next Call/Next Meeting F. Najmabadi
10:00 Break

ARIES Pathways Planning

10:15 ARIES Pathways Planning, Near and Far Term F. Najmabadi
11:00 Adjourn Meeting