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ARIES Conference Call, 28 July 2009

Documented by L. Waganer

(ANL) -
(Boeing) Waganer, Weaver
(DOE) -
(FPA) -
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(GA) -
(GT) Yoda
(PPPL) Meade
(UCSD) Dragojlovic, Malang, Tillack, Wang


Les Waganer affirmed that the next ARIES project meeting will be held at Georgia Technology, Atlanta, GA, on August 26th (all day) and the morning of August 27th. Minami Yoda has a meeting room reserved in the University. Minami Yoda has spoken with the GT Hotel and most of the attendees have registered. She has contacted a near-by restaurant for dinner arrangements on the evening of 26 August. Last week, Mark Tillack initiated discussion on the agenda and Les Waganer will send out the draft agenda next week. Mark suggested a short discussion of each ARIES group FY2010-2012 proposed technical efforts. Mark offered to put the draft proposal on the web site.

ARIES Technical Efforts

Minami Yoda said the GT team is continuing to model and test the modified configurations of the pin-fin divertor concept shown at the April meeting. She will report the findings at the August meeting.

Xueren Wang noted he has been continuing to develop and analyze the integrated plate and fin divertor design to handle a range of heat and particle fluxes up to 10 MW/m2. Two new improvements are the use of a double-walled containment arrangement for the divertor to help contain the high-pressure helium coolant and a transition zone between the high-temperature tungsten structure and the lower-temperature structure and plumbing. He is also designing and analyzing two approaches, one is combination design of fingers and plates and a second design of all fingers.

Siegfried Malang said that Xueren had covered what he and Xueren have been working on.

Les Waganer mentioned he had been working on completing the costing documentation. He has also has developing an Excel spreadsheet to incorporate many of the new costing algorithms and compare their results to the published results of ARIES-AT, both in 2009$.

Dale Meade said he did not have anything to mention, but said he would be interested in hearing from Laila El-Guebaly about the IAEA Technical Committee Meeting on 1st Generation Fusion Power Plants, especially the session on “What would you do with unlimited funding?”