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ARIES Project Meeting, 26-27 August 2009

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Love Manufacturing Building, 771 Ferst Dr. (Room 210)
Georgia Institute of Technology

8:30 Welcome, Logistics, and Summary of Agenda M. Yoda,
L. Waganer
8:40 Status and Update on Pathways Project F. Najmabadi

ARIES Pathways Task Results

9:00 DCLL Blanket Analysis and Power Core Layout for ARIES-DB (ppt, pdf) X. Wang
9:30 High performance Divertor Target Plates, a Combination of Plate and Finger Concepts (ppt, pdf) S. Malang
10:00 Break  
10:15 ARIES-DB Design Issues and Activation of Divertor W-alloys (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
10:45 Update on Thermal Performance of Gas-Cooled Plate-Type Divertor (ppt) M. Yoda
11:15 Lunch
1:00 Recommended Cost Algorithms Compared to Reported ARIES-AT (ppt) L. Waganer
1:45 Update on Systems Code plus New DCLL Code Results Z. Dragojlovic
2:30 Break

ARIES 2010-2012 Work Plan

2:45 Overview of FY10-12 Joint Proposal F. Najmabadi
3:15 UCSD FY10-12 Proposal M. Tillack
3:35 UCSD-sub (Steiner) FY10-12 Proposal M. Tillack
3:55 GA FY10-12 Proposal A. Turnbull
4:15 PPPL FY10-12 Proposal C. Kessel
4:35 GT FY10-12 Proposal S. Abdel-Khalik,
M. Yoda
4:55 UW FY10-12 Proposal L. El Guebaly
5:15 Adjourn for group dinner, Water Haven restaurant

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Love Manufacturing Building, 771 Ferst Dr. (Room 210)
Georgia Institute of Technology

ARIES 2010-2012 Work Plan (continued)

8:00 Continental breakfast GT hosts
8:30 UCSD-Sub (Boeing) FY10-12 Proposal T. Weaver
8:50 UCSD-Sub (Meade) FY10-12 Proposal D. Meade
9:10 UCSD-Sub (Malang) FY10-12 Proposal D. Meade
9:30 Proposal discussion all
10:10 Break

IAEA Technical Meetings

10:20 Highlights of 3rd IAEA TM on 1st Generation Fusion Power Plants F. Najmabadi
10:35 Highlights of 2009 IAEA TM on Power Plant Designs and Safety (pdf) L. El Guebaly


10:50 Action Items Assigned/Next Call/Next Meeting F. Najmabadi
11:10 Adjourn Meeting