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ARIES Project Meeting, 19 May 2010

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

CMRR Auditorium
UC San Diego

8:30 Coffee, Light Breakfast, Socializing, and Laptop Connections UCSD hosts
9:00 Welcome, Meeting Logistics and Introductions M. Tillack
9:10 Summary of Agenda L. Waganer

General Topics

9:15 Status of Town Meeting Planning – Edge Physics & Experimental Validation for Fusion Power Plants M. Tillack
9:30 ITER Heat Load Specifications (ppt, pdf) C. Kessel
10:00 Break  

Plans and General Scope

10:15 Status and Update on Pathways Project; New Meeting Locations F. Najmabadi


10:45 Development of a Visualization Tool for the ARIES Systems Code (ppt) L. Carlson
11:15 Discussion of Systems Code Modeling and Parameter Space Characterization F. Najmabadi
11:30 Lunch


12:30 Activation Assessments of 316-SS VV and W-based Divertor (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
1:15 Design and Analysis of Innovative First Wall Concept (ppt, pdf) X. Wang
2:00 Extrapolating Experimental Results for Model Divertor Studies to Prototypical Conditions (ppt) M. Yoda
2:45 T-tube Divertor Analysis and Optimization (ppt) J. Burke
3:30 Break

Pilot Plant Discussions

3:45 Technology Issues with MFE Pilot Plant Implementation (ppt) H. Neilson
4:30 Open discussion all


5:00 Action Items Assigned/Next Call/Next Meeting F. Najmabadi
5:30 Adjourn meeting