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ARIES Project Meeting, 27-28 July 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hilton Hotel
Gaithersburg, MD

8:00 Coffee, Light Breakfast, Socializing, and Laptop Connections  
8:30 Welcome, Meeting Logistics and Introductions A. Opdenaker
8:40 Summary of Agenda L. Waganer

Project Plans and Progress

8:45 Updates of the Fusion Budget and FES News and Rumors A. Opdenaker
9:15 Status and Update on Pathways Project F. Najmabadi
9:30 Break  

ARIES Task Results (Engineering)

9:45 Generalization Changes to the ARIES Systems Code (pptx) L. Carlson
10:15 Breakdown of Elements Degrading TBR of ARIES-ACT DCLL Blanket L. El-Guebaly
11:00 NWL Distribution and Revised Radial Build for ARIES-ACT-DCLL Case (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
11:30 Correlations for divertor thermal-hydraulic performance at prototypical conditions based on parametric design curves (ppt) M. Yoda
12:00 Lunch  

ARIES Task Results (Engineering)

12:45 Turbine Plant Equipment Cost Graph Action Item (ppt) L. Waganer
1:00 A "Potpourri" of Engineering Topics (ppt) M. Tillack
1:30 Activation Concerns for Candidate Vacuum Vessel Materials (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
2:00 Fracture Analysis of the Flat Plate Divertors (pptx, pdf) J. Blanchard
2:30 Possibility of Helium-cooled SiC Composite Divertor Design (pptx, pdf) X. Wang
3:15 Break
3:30 A Low TRL RAMI process for Fusion Energy Research and Development (ppt), Backup (ppt) T. Weaver (call-in)

ARIES Task Results (Physics)

4:00 ELM Loading Updates, TSC Simulations, Tritium Burn-up Fraction, and Plasma Equilibria (ppt1, ppt2, ppt3) C. Kessel

Future Plans

5:00 Next Call/Next Meeting/ Discussion of Future Plans (pptx) F. Najmabadi
5:15 Adjourn Meeting

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hilton Hotel
Gaithersburg, MD

8:00 Coffee, Light Breakfast, Socializing, and Laptop Connections  
8:25 Summary of Today's Agenda L. Waganer

ARIES Task Results (Physics)

8:30 Recent Progress on Scaling of the Power Scrape-Off Width in Low-Gas-Puff H-modes R. Goldston

ARIES Task Results (Engineering)

9:00 A Fusion Power Plant Reliability-Centered Maintenance Program for ARIES (ppt) T. Weaver
9:30 Preliminary Cost Information for Nuclear Components (pdf) L. Cadwallader
10:00 Break

General Fusion Topics

10:15 Edge model results and issues for using a radiating divertor in ACT-1 (pdf) T. Rognlien

Action Items and Future Plans

10:45 Update of Physics Action Item Results (Phone-in) (pdf) A. Turnbull (phone-in)
11:00 Review of past action items and discussion of future action items (xls) Tillack/Waganer
11:30 Adjourn Meeting