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ARIES Project Meeting, Sept 26 - 27, 2012

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Doubletree Hotel
Bethesda, MD

7:00 Coffee, Light Breakfast, Socializing, and Laptop Connections  
8:30 Welcome, Meeting Logistics and Introductions, Summary of Agenda L. Waganer

Project Plans and Progress

8:45 Latest News from Fusion Energy Sciences A. Opdenaker
9:00 Status of ARIES ACT Project and Near-Term Objectives F. Najmabadi
9:20 Status of FESAC Charge on Defining MFE Priorities (pptx) D. Meade
9:40 Break  

ARIES Task Results

10:00 New Physics Results for ACT-1 and ACT-2 w/ R=6.25 m (pdf) C. Kessel
10:40 Fast Particle MHD Stability Analysis for ACT-1 (pptx) Katy Ghantous (phone)
11:00 ACT-1 Design Point Definition (Systems Code Results) (ppt) M. Tillack
11:30 Assessment of ACT-1 Cost Results / Cost Documentation Status (ppt) L. Waganer
11:50 ARIES ACT-1 Nuclear Heating Profile (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
12:00 Lunch in Meeting Room  
12:40 Shielding Recommendations for ARIES ACT-1 and Activation of IB Components (pdf) L. El-Guebaly
1:10 3-D Tritium Breeding Results for ARIES ACT-2 (DCLL) Blanket L. El-Guebaly
1:40 Updated ARIES ACT-1 Power Core Configuration
and Maintenance for R=6.25 m (pdf)
X. Wang
2:25 Initial Layout of the ARIES-ACT-2 DCLL Power Core (pdf) X. Wang
2:25 Definition and Analysis of ACT-1 Vacuum Vessel (pptx) F. Najmabadi
3:25 Break  
3:40 Steady-State Plasma Solutions for ACT-1 (pdf) A. Turnbull (phone)
3:40 Small ELM and ELM-free operation for ACT-1 (pdf) A. Turnbull (phone)
4:10 Divertor Heat-Loads and Pumping Requirements for the 8/12 ACT-1 Configuration (pdf) T. Rognlien
4:50 Update on Thermal Creep and ELMS in the ARIES Divertor (pdf) J. Blanchard
5:30 Adjourn  

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Doubletree Hotel
Bethesda, MD

8:00 Coffee, Light Breakfast, Socializing, and Laptop Connections  
8:25 Summary of Today's Agenda L. Waganer

ARIES Task Results

8:30 Discussion about Completion of ACT-1 and ACT-1 Report
Discussion about Completion of ACT-2 and Report
F. Najmabadi
9:30 Break

Future Plans, Meetings, Calls and Action Items

9:45 Scheduling of Next Meeting and Call F. Najmabadi
10:00 Action Items F. Najmabadi
10:30 Adjourn Meeting