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ARIES Project Meeting, 22-23 January 2013

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Booker Conference Room (2512 EBU1)
UC San Diego

9:30 Coffee, Tea, Socializing, and Laptop Connections  
10:00 Welcome, Meeting Logistics and Summary of Agenda M. Tillack/L. Waganer

Project Plans and Progress

10:05 Review of ARIES ACT Project Status and Objectives (pdf) F. Najmabadi

ARIES ACT-1 (or Combined ACT 1-2) Task Results

10:20 Update of ARIES-ACT1 Systems Analysis (ppt, pdf) M. Tillack
10:40 Physics Code Results for ACT-1 (pdf) C. Kessel
11:10 Ion Cyclotron and Electron Cyclotron Heating/Current Drive (pdf) F. Poli
11:30 Plasma Steady State Solutions (pdf) H. St. John/A. Turnbull
12:00 Lunch  
12:45 Plasma Modeling in the Divertor Region (pdf) M. Rensink/T. Rognlien
1:30 Divertor Reliability Modeling (pptx, pdf) T. Weaver/A. Yousefiani
2:00 Divertor Thermal Analysis for Plate and Finger Designs (pdf) J. Blanchard
2:30 Correlation for the Plate Divertor Concept and Update on the GT Helium Test Facility (ppt) M. Yoda
3:00 Updates on ARIES ACT-1 Power Core Configuration and Integration (pptx, pdf) X. Wang
3:15 Break  
3:45 Definition of SCLL Manifolding (pptx, pdf) C. Koehly
4:15 Update on the Definition and Analysis of the Vacuum Vessel (pptx) H. Hosseini
4:45 Thermal Analysis of Various LOCA/LOFA scenarios for ARIES-ACT-1 (pdf) C. Martin
5:15 Recommendations on Power Core Materials (pptx) A. Rowcliffe
5:45 ACT-1 Revised LOFA and LOCA Analysis (ppt) P. Humrickhouse
6:15 Adjourn  

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Booker Conference Room (2512 EBU1)
UC San Diego

8:00 Coffee, Tea, Socializing, and Laptop Connections  
8:25 Summary of Today's Agenda L. Waganer

ARIES ACT-2 Task Results

8:30 Physics Code Results for ACT-2 (pdf) C. Kessel
9:00 TBR Analysis and Radial/Vertical Build Definition for ACT-2/3 (DCLL) Design (pdf) L. El-Guebaly

ARIES Status and Future Plans

9:30 Discussion about Completion of ACT-1 and ACT-1 Technical Papers F. Najmabadi
9:45 Break  

Upcoming Meetings, Calls and Action Items

10:00 Scheduling of Next Meeting and Call F. Najmabadi
10:15 Action Items F. Najmabadi
10:45 Adjourn Meeting