TO: PULSAR Study Team DATE: Nov 3, 1994

FROM: L. Waganer

SUBJECT: Starlite Conference Call Minutes, Tuesday, 26 October 1994

PARTICIPANTS (by organization): Ehst, Sager, Wong, Herring, Bathke, Waganer, Bromberg, Jardin, Flynn, Hofer, Steiner, Miller, Najmabadi, Mau, El-Guebaly


The 11 Oct conference call minutes were adopted with submitted changes.

Congratulations to the Najmabadi's on a new addition to the family. Melissa arrived in the week of 16 October with the vital statistics of 8 lb, 7 oz and 20" long. Bring pictures to the next project meeting!

Minimal problems have been noted with the new project e-mail lists. If any problems are experienced, send Najmabadi the cover sheet of the e-mail experiencing problems. Non-Eudora users are still having problems with attached BinHexed files.

The next Starlite meeting dates are Dec 7 through 9, 1994 at UC San Diego. The Starlite meeting will start at noon on Wed. Dec 7 and conclude at noon Dec 9. C. Wong and F. Najmabadi are setting up a town meeting for afternoon of Dec 6 and morning of Dec 7 focusing on a) plasma physics for demo and b) Physics and engineering of In-vessel components.

The Starlite Utility Advisory Committee (UAC) meeting was held Oct 13-14 in San Diego. Project members in attendance were Conn, Dove, Miller, Najmabadi, Miller, Tillack, Waganer, Wong, and Sze. (did I miss anybody??) Miller, Tillack, and Waganer took informal notes of the meeting and T. Davies is to prepare formal meeting minutes. For the benefit of the conference call participants, the attendees reviewed the main points. The design and results of TFTR were presented as well as the ITER design approach. The UAC was interested in maintenance for TFTR and ITER, levels of radiation within the machines, structural materials, grid power requirements, and safety and licensing plans/procedures as compared to those envisioned for Demo and the commercial power plant. Larry Papay of Bechtel discussed his experiences on 1st of a kind large plants.

NOTE: The next conference call has been RESCHEDULED for Wednesday, November 16 at 11:30 CDT . Laila sent me an e-mail saying that the next conf. call (Nov 9) would have been in the middle of the APS mtg which will be attended by all the physicists, et al. She suggested we move the C.C. to the 16th and have the following one on the 30th, one week before the mtg. The overwhelming response was to move the conference call from the 9th to the 16th. See you on the 16th!


Task Results:

Task 1 - R. Conn presented the preliminary Demo Mission and Goals to the Utility Advisory Committee who generally agreed with the content. Najmabadi is in the process of updating the Mission and Goals for review .

Task 2. - R. Miller reported he is gave an IEA talk on Oct 15 on the Starlite economic assessment. He reported the Europeans were not too anxious to have a common framework but the Canadians was interested in cooperating.

Task 3 - T. Flynn reported he has been examining the NERSC database for system reliability and availability data which will apply to fusion plants. He noted the highest availability for base-loaded plants that were operated near their capacity limit. Some plants that were normally operated only 12 hours/day continued in a spinning reserve mode in the other 12 hours to minimize cyclic effects on the BOP systems. At the next meeting, Tom will discuss the advantage of using a gas-fired boiler to keep the BOP operational during a heat source shutdown. He also noted a 50% chance of a problem occurring during a startup following a shutdown. He also said there was a trend away from the use of a supercritical steam cycle.

Task 4. - D. Steiner reported the draft of the Strategy Paper is in review. A conference call of the safety and licensing group will review the draft and recommend changes. S. Herring has a new draft of the Fusion Safety Standard for review. Greg Hofer has the NRC jurisdiction and the NRC regulation reports in review and the licensing report is in internal (Raytheon) review.

Task 5A. - S. Jardin mentioned some results from the Physics Group conference call held last week. They agreed to formulate long and short term physics plans. One primary short term goal is to conduct a preliminary assessment of the Reverse Shear plasma physics operating mode (D. Ehst). D. Ehst almost has a algorithm for C. Bathke to install in the Systems Code. T.K. Mau is assessing the current drive efficiency and alpha channeling.

D. Ehst recommended the group start to review the physics and engineering on a low-aspect ratio tokamak device. Several people reported Culham had published data on such a device and has reported favorable results. Martin Peng should also be a source of information and analyses. Thus we should use their data as a starting point for our evaluation. Miller joined the call and mentioned that LANL had assessed many of the same engineering and physics problems in some of their compact reactor studies - he offered to supply the team with relevant data for consideration.

Task 5B - L. El-Guebaly said she has been assessing the Li/V shield, particularly replacing the B4C with WC which may improve the shielding efficiency at a lower cost. The breeding combinations now number twenty candidates, but only a few will be investigated in depth. Those recommended by BCSS and Starfire will probably be a starting point.

C. Wong mentioned that a mini-engineering group meeting will be held next week at UCSD to help formulate the plan of action for the Engineering Group. In attendance will be Sze, Tillack, Wong, Miller, Sviatoslavsky, and Najmabadi.

C. Wong sent out a simplified WBS form to the team and just sent out a form to report any recommended critical issue.