DATE: Dec 2, 1994

TO: PULSAR Study Team

FROM: L. Waganer

SUBJECT: Starlite Conference Call Minutes, Wednesday, 30 November 1994

PARTICIPANTS (by organization): Sze, Billone, Wong, Sager, McCarthy, Bathke, Waganer, Bromberg, Jardin, Hofer, Steiner, Miller, Tillack, El-Guebaly


The 16 Nov 94 conference call minutes as transmitted 11/23/94 were adopted with no changes.

The next Starlite meeting dates are Dec 7-9, 1994 at UCSD. A draft agenda has been sent out and changes were discussed and adopted. The remaining presentations in the Town Meeting on Wed morning were assigned. The Physics presentations were adopted as proposed. A Wednesday evening dinner meeting for the Physics Group was added. [PS, Waganer released the revised agenda version via e-mail and M. Tillack installed a slightly newer version updating topics and a name change on the Town Meeting on the WWW Starlite Home Page.] M. Tillack took the action to verify room location, parking location, parking permits, and local map. The map is now installed on the WWW Home Page. You may need to get access privileges from Mark.

Action Items - L. Waganer asked all team personnel to review their relevant Action Items so their progress can be reported at the December Meeting.


Task Results:

Task 1 - F. Najmabadi was not present on the call, however we are hopeful of receiving a copy of the latest revision of the Mission and Goals for review prior to the meeting.

Task 2. - R. Miller reported no information will be available regarding the Solar Demo plant COE analysis methodology and database (company proprietary information). He reported ITER is now using an Excel-based spreadsheet cost analysis.

Task 3 - T. Flynn was not on the call, but later called Waganer. He will be discussing the performance and availability of supercritical steam systems and to their use on Demo.

Task 4. - D. Steiner noted that he would address the status of the Development Pathways for the regulatory policies and requirements at the meeting. S. Herring will bring us up to date on the progress of the developing Fusion Safety Standard. Volume 1 is nearing release for general review and Volume 2 is in draft form. Steve will review the results of the safety meeting recently held at PPPL. G. Hofer said all three of his generated reports are out for review. He will bring us up to date on their status and discuss his latest one, the NRC licensing report. C. Wong noted that F. Silady did not have sufficient material to report at the meeting.

Task 5A. - S. Jardin stated that the topics and speakers for the project meeting were finalized at the recent Physics Group conference call. These data were incorporated in the agenda. The results of the physics figure of merit will presented including the physics technical risk. Kessel and Ehst have made progress finding stable reverse shear equilibrium regions. Equilibrium stability calculations have also been completed for the low aspect option to be provided to T.K. Mau.

Task 5B - D-K Sze reported engineering work proceeding on analyses for more efficient design approaches to lower the cost in the areas of the blanket, shield and vacuum vessel. L. El-Guebaly is continuing the assessment of the Li/V shield with C. Bathke to evaluate the cost effectiveness of various material combinations. The proposed changes in the shield have reduced the COE of previous studies by approximately 10%. F. Najmabadi proposed a passively-cooled vacuum vessel that would conductively transmit the heat from the shield to the vacuum vessel. The Engr Group is evaluating that option to be reported at the meeting. D-K Sze will report on the recommended design level of heat flux for the first wall and divertor. C. Wong mentioned an upcoming U.S./Japan workshop to be held at GA (I believe) on high heat flux components.

Task 5D - C. Wong requested all presenters and system design leaders provide him with a listing of critical issues they intend to present at the meeting. This will help him prepare a more complete summary listing at the meeting.