TO: Starlite Study Team DATE: 21 Mar 1995 FROM: L. Waganer

SUBJECT: Starlite Conference Call Minutes, Friday, 3 March 1995

PARTICIPANTS (by organization): Billone, Dean, Herring, Bathke, Waganer, Jardin, Hofer, Flynn, Steiner, Miller, Najmabadi, Mau, Santarius

ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES The minutes for the Feb 13-15 Project meeting were distributed.

The date of the next project meeting has been changed to accommodate a change in date of the accompanying ANL Liquid Metal Insulator Workshop (May 8-9). Our materials Town Meeting is now scheduled on Wed, 10 May and the Starlite project meeting will be May 11-12 (Thursday and Friday). Mike Billone is preparing an agenda for the town meeting for distribution. The location is to be at the Hickory RIDGE Conference Center at Lisle, IL.

The next conference call will be on Wednesday, March 22 at 9:30 PST and back to our old number of 314-222-7776. I have it set up for several months on alternating Wednesdays.

S. Jardin said the Physics Quarterly report is in work and will be forwarded to Najmabadi for combining in the draft for DOE.


Task 1 - L. Waganer reported sending out the revised Top Level Requirements List via fax.

Task 2. - R. Miller is investigating a process to help correlate the cost of competing energy sources that may use higher escalating fuels over extended time periods. We also discussed some of evolving ITER cost estimates and how we must be careful to properly segregate the costs into appropriate cost accounts. S. Herring mentioned an INEL report he sent to Laila that estimated the cost of LLW disposal.

Task 3 - Tom Flynn is working on reliability and maintainability allocations based upon a Co-Generation plant. However he needs some data from C. Wong to be able to scale the results. (Tom, make it parametric to be useful in the systems code.)

Task 4. - D. Steiner summarized the results of the Safety Conference Call. They are working on quantifying the TL requirements. The 1 mrem at site boundary is being refined. Also working on the chemical releases. The preliminary hazards analysis has started and T. Dunn of GA will be helping our project. Initial work will use the ARIES II and IV designs to scope the problems(LOCA, LOFA) and possible solutions.

Greg Hofer is beginning on the tritium regulation and licensing report, in the areas of radiological and safeguards. Steve Herring mentioned the possible use of some existing standards on chemical exposure.

Task 5A. - F. Najmabadi mentioned that M. Peng has agreed to help the Starlite project assess and examine possible solutions/concepts associated with the LAR device. Najmabadi affirmed that Starlite will conduct an independent assessment of the physics and engineering.

C. Bathke and C. Kessel have been exchanging data about CB's results shown in the project meeting. The net result was that the data CB was presenting and the scaling he is using is essentially correct. CB will next address the power balance and how to optimize the size of the inner and outer TF magnets. D. Steiner gave him some guidance regarding amount of Cu in the outer legs and the relative power losses.

C. Bathke and R. Miller are coordinating the incorporation of the CAD models into the systems code.

On the reverse shear case, TK asked Steve Jardin if he had an LAR equilibrium that has an aspect ratio of 1.25 with a bootstrap current of 70%. Steve Jardin was not sure of what case TK was using. He thought there was another case that would deliver 85%, but it might be the same one.

TK also quoted an EPS94 paper from the Culham group that surveyed current drive options for LAR, with NB and FW being used for the central core while ECRH and LHCD would be recommended on the exterior.

We began to discuss the status and results from several physics action items and Steve Jardin thought some were not needed. He suggested that the appropriateness of physics actions be reviewed on the Physics Conference Call. [Steve, send me the conclusions.]

Task 5B - The Engineering Group was not represented due to a variety of reasons, thus there were no results to be reported.