Starlite Project Meeting Agenda

19 August 1996
August 20-21
University of Wisconsin, Engineering Hall, Room 1610,
1415 Engineering Drive
(across the street from Engineering Research Building)

Tuesday, 20 August 1996
8:00     Gathering
8:20     Welcome                                              El-Guebaly
8:25     Discussion of Agenda                                    Waganer

Reference Power Plant Summary and Conclusions
8:30      Final Design Point (Strawman Results) (1:00, h/m)      Bathke
          Review  Recent Code Updates and Enhancements
          Discuss Optimization Routine and Selection of Optimum Design Point
          Discuss Parameter Scans about Design Point

9:30      Physics Basis and Conclusions (1:30)            Jardin,
          Review Core Physics Design Basis and Conclusions      [Jardin]
          Summarize Current Drive, Heating and Fueling Physics  [Mau]
          Advanced Equilibria--CD Sensitivity to Profiles(0:30) [Ehst]

      Break inserted sometime(0:15) 

11:00     Economic Assessment (0:20)                              Miller
          Discuss Economic Modeling of High Field Coils
          Other Economic Changes
11:20     Lunch     (1:10 ? )

Engineering Systems Final Conclusions
12:30     Final Configuration/Maintenance (1:30)                Waganer
      General Configuration and Building Maintenance Provision [Waganer]
          Power Core Configuration                              [Cole]
          Support Structures and Attachment Mechanisms          [Malang]
2:00     Break     (0:10)
2:10     Electromagnetic Results (0:20)                Crowell/Blanchard
2:30     Activation Analyses Results (0:20)                    Khater
2:50     LOCA results (0:20)                                   Mogahed
3:10     Safety Assessement (0:30)                             Thayer
3:40     Discussion/break
4:00     First Wall/Blanket/Shield (1:00)                      Sze
         Thermal Modeling and Thermal Hydraulics Results       Sze/Hua
         Details of Internal and External Plumbing             Sze/Wang
         Details of Internal and External Structures/Attachments/Coils  Sviatloslavsky

5:00     Adjourn

Wednesday, 21 August 1996
8:00     Gathering
8:30     Divertor (2:00)                                     Wong
     SOL and Divertor Physics(0:20)                          Petrie
     Power Distribution (0:10)                               Wong
     Divertor Surface Configuration (0:??)                Wang/Wong
     Routing and Heat Transfer Design (0:20)               Wong/Malang
     Module Design for Disruptions (0:20)          Sviat/Malang/Blnchd
     Particle Exhaust and Vacuum Subystem Design (0:??)    Sviatoslavsky
     Design Issues and R&D Items (0:10)                      Team
     Conclusions (0:20)                                    Wong/Team
10:30     Break (0:15) 
10:45     Radiation Protection and Shielding (0:45)          El-Guebaly
     Major Neutronics Conclusions  
         (radiation damage, component lifetimes,...)
     Major Shielding Conclusions     
         (magnet shielding, penetration shielding, biological shielding)
11:15     Magnet Systems (0:45)                        Bromberg
     Definition of Coil Internals
     Details of Coil Structures
     Plus Other Stuff

12:00     LUNCH (1:00)
1:00  Current Drive, Heating, Fuelling Hardware (0:45)       Mau
     Details of Launchers
     Plus Other Stuff

1:45      Spare time for extra discussion    
2:30     Break (0:15)
2:45     Summary of Design Status and Conclusions (0:30)     Najmabadi
3:15     Report Phase and FY97 Planning (1:00)               Najmabadi
4:15     ADJOURN