ARIES Engineering Conference Call

16 March 1998

Documented by L. Waganer

(DOE) *
(UCSD)Miller, Tillack, Wang
(GA) *
(UW) El-Guebaly, Khater, Mogahed
(FPA) *
(RPI) Steiner
(ANL) Sze
(Boeing) Waganer


At the time of the conference call, the date for the next ARIES project meeting was not firm. However, on 3/20/98, the date of the meeting was set as 1:30 4 May through noon 6 May 1998. The next project conference call is scheduled for 13 April at 11:30 CST. The call-in phone number will be 314-232-9568.

Laila El-Guebaly reported that the US-Japan Workshop on Spherical Tokamaks held last week in Madison, WI. was well attended despite the snow storm. Steve Jardin gave a presentation on the physics and engineering analyses and results for the ARIES ST study.

General Summary

Mark Tillack led the discussion with the following points being discussed.