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ARIES E-Meeting, December 4 1998

Telephone call-in number: 314-232-3502
December 4, 1998

AGENDA (pacific times)

8:00 M. Tillack Opening remarks on the electronic meeting
8:05 F. NajmabadProject status and goals of the meeting
8:15 R. Miller Strawman M Key Inputs and Results
Strawman M Full Output
8:30 C. Kessel Free-Boundary and Vertical Equilibrium Results w/PF Coil Definition
8:45 T. K. Mau Startup, Heating, and Current Drive Systems Definition
9:00 S. Jardin Definition of Plasma in Divertor Region/Disruption Parameters
9:25 X. Wang Power Core Configuration and Maintenance Definition
Power Core Elevation View
9:40 L. Waganer Low Cost TF Coil Construction Results
CP cooling slots (14% water)
CP uniform holes (18% water)
CP graded spacing methodology
CP graded spacing (5% water)
CP graded spacing (15% water)
Power core elevation view
Alum spray casting estimate (SECO/WARWICK)
Aluminum spray casting estimate (Frank W. Schaefer)
Copper centerpost estimate
Penn State Laser Free-Form Fabrication of Structural Shapes
AeroMet Laser Forming Home Page
News Release - Aeromet contract with Boeing
9:55 W. Reiersen Definition of TF Magnet System
10:10 L. Bromberg Definition of PF Magnet System
10:25 D-K Sze Definition of Blanket and Power Conversion
10:30 M. Tillack Divertor System Final Design and Key Issues
PMHX tube design
PMHX heat transfer data
Tungsten data (ITER design book), and ultimate strength
Ultramet foam
Stress analysis
10:45 L. El-Guebaly Final 3-D Neutronics Results
Neutron wall load distributions (Nov. 1998)
11:00 I. Sviatoslavsky Definition of Centerpost Shield Coolant System
11:05 D. Petti Safety and Environmental Guidance for Fusion Conceptual Design Studies
11:20 E. Mogahed A Heat Pipe Design for ARIES-ST Center Post
11:35 H. Khater Update of Safety Analysis Results
12:00 F. Najmabadi Meeting Summary and Next Actions
12:15 Adjourn

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