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ARIES E-Meeting, December 4 1998

First E-Meeting Instructions and Advice

(December 4, 1998)

General Description

The first ARIES "electronic meeting" will be held on Friday, December 4 at 8 AM Pacific time, and is scheduled to last for 4 hours. The call-in number (for this meeting) is 314-232-3502. The number for future meetings will be posted with the information page specific to that meeting.

The idea of using electronic meetings is still experimental. In addition to exchanging project information, we will be evaluating the value of future e-meetings. It is unlikely that we will eliminate traditional meetings, but a combination of "real" meetings, conference calls and e-meetings likely will be the most effective method for teamwide communication.


The format of the e-meeting is a combination of audio (via a conference call) and video in the form of "normal" presentation slides (via the ARIES Team web site). Since time is much more limited as compared with ordinary meetings, presentations will be short (about 15 minutes). Speakers must invest time in advance of the meeting to prepare their presentation and suitable background information in order to make efficient use of the limited time. Speakers are encouraged to post information prior to the meeting and allow attendees to preview the contents.

Before the Meeting

Speakers should send their presentations to and/or well in advance, but no later than November 30. The short presentation materials should be submitted separately from the longer background information. The preferred format is HTML with GIF (or JPEG) figures, but other formats (such as PowerPoint or MS Word) are acceptable with prior arrangement (we want to perform small tests in advance for unusual formats).

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it.

During the Meeting

Assistance will be available during the meeting by contacting Allisa Becker by FAX, phone or e-mail.

Please be advised that you can open as many browser windows as you want and have them all open at the same time. For example, a window for the agenda, a window for the ongoing presentation, a window for the CAD drawing, a window for the strawman, a window for the neutron wall loading, and so on. In this case, moving from one link to the other will be efficient and take no time.

The e-meeting web pages will be updated frequently prior to the meeting. You should RELOAD pages during the meeting to ensure you are not viewing obsolete versions.

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