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ARIES E-Meeting, December 10 1998

Telephone call-in number: 314-233-0296
8:05-9:55 PST, December 10, 1998

AGENDA (pacific times)

8:05 L. Waganer Opening remarks and agenda adjustments
8:10 L. El-Guebaly Final 3-D Neutronics Results
Neutron wall load distributions (Nov. 1998)
8:25 I. Sviatoslavsky Definition of Centerpost Shield Coolant System
Lower divertor/shield coolant routing
Upper divertor/shield coolant routing
8:30 D. Petti Safety and Environmental Guidance for Fusion Conceptual Design Studies
Full talk (22-page PDF file)
8:45 E. Mogahed A Heat Pipe Design for ARIES-ST Center Post
Background info
Max. T vs. # pipes
9:00 H. Khater Update of Safety Analysis Results
5/98 presentation
9/98 presentation
9:15 M. Billone Cu and W material issues
9:30 D. K. Sze Power conversion issues
9:55 Adjourn

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