Neutron Wall Loading Distributions

These tables and graphs contain the latest NWL distribution generated by
the 3-D MCNP code (Nov. 98).  The 3-D model duplicates the ACTUAL FW and
divertor plate configuration as defined by the latest CAD drawings.  The
results are normalized to a fusion power of 2859 MW (8/25/98 Strawman).  The
ASC results are included for comparison.

Note that the FW in the ASC conforms to the plasma boundary,
is curved on the inboard side, and crosses the X points in the divertor
region.  The differences in FW locations help explain the differences in
NWL results.  The average values needed for the thermal, activation, and
LOCA analyses are given below.

Z min     Z max    Average NWL    Comments
 (m)       (m)      (MW/m2)

0          4.7        2.9         FW
4.7	   6.5	      1.03        straight W stabilizing shell
6.5        7.5        1.24        slanted W stabilizing shell
4.7        7.5        1.12        W Stabilizing Shell
0          7.5        2.1         entire i/b FW and W stabilizing shell

7.5        8.5        0.9         Inner divertor plate (IDP)
6.8        8.5        0.12        Outer divertor plate (ODP)
6.8        8.5        0.5         Average over Inner and outer DPs

0          6.8        4.6         entire o/b FW

Entire machine:
0          8.5        3.3         average over i/b FW, IDP,
                                  ODP, and o/b FW


Overall Neutron Wall Loading Distribution Divertor Neutron Wall Loading Distribution Inboard First Wall Neutron Wall Loading Distribution Outboard First Wall Neutron Wall Loading Distribution