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ARIES E Meeting, 16 March 1999

Telephone call-in number: 888-422-7128
9:00-12:00 PST, March 16, 1999

AGENDA (pacific times)

9:00 M. Tillack Opening remarks
( Latest elevation view of ARIES-ST)

ARIES-ST wrapup

9:05 C. Kessel ARIES-ST equilibrium and PF coils
9:20 Leslie Bromberg Comparison of ARIES-ST PF systems
9:30 Laila El-Guebaly o/b shielding requirements for the PF coils of ARIES-ST
12/98 presentation: Final 3D Neutronics Results
9:45 Farrokh Najmabadi FED Papers

Neutron Source Studies

9:50 Don Steiner Work Plan for Neutron Source Studies

Advanced Tomakak Studies

10:10 S. Jardin Physics Activities
10:30 Rene Raffray Advanced ARIES-RS using SiC/SiC structural material
10:45 Sze Advanced Blanket Concept for the ARIES-RS upgrade based on Sn-Li and SiC
11:00 El-Guebaly/Mogahed/Sviatoslavsky UW Blanket Design Activity


11:30 Laila El-Guebaly Plans for next meeting at UW
12:00 Adjourn

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