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ARIES E Meeting, 13 April 1999

Telephone call-in number: 314-233-6684
10:45-12:45 PST, April 13, 1999



10:45 F. Najmabadi Opening remarks

Neutron Source Studies

10:50 Don Steiner Neutron Source Study Plan and Status
11:00 Ed Cheng Summary of Plato activities


11:10 C. Kessel ARIES-ST equilibrium and PF coils
CAD drawing

Advanced ARIES-RS

11:20 Laila El-Guebaly Status of SiC/LiPb FW/blanket and shield design
11:35 Rene Raffray Advanced ARIES-RS Power Core Studies
11:45 Wayne Reiersen Magnet System work plan


12:00 F. Najmabadi, et al. Project Meeting, SOFE, FED, etc.
12:45 Adjourn

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