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ARIES E Meeting, 13 April 1999

Documented by L. Waganer

Agenda and Presentations


ANL: Billone
INEEL: Petti
MIT: Bromberg
PPPL: Reiersen, Jardin
RPI: Steiner
TSI:  Cheng
UCSD: Raffray, Miller, Wang, Tillack
UW: El-Guebaly, Mogahed

Don Steiner
	revised neutron source study work plan sent out
	now identifies task leaders, added 5th task on safety&licensing
	goal is to have something by Snowmass
	Plato group will write a white paper and present at Snowmass
	Najmabadi's Energy group has sub-session on alt. apps. coordinated by Steiner
	conf. calls prior to the meeting to be arranged by sub-group leaders
	NAE study on Pu disposition is available, will be distributed

Ed Cheng
	attendees at Plato:  Parker, Bromberg, Gohar, Wong, Cheng, Bolton, Berk
	coordination and discussion of input to Snowmass
	4 presentations: 
		1. Gohar: blanket concepts: molten salt (PuF),
		HTGR blanket (graphite coated particles), HTGR with particles in Li flow
		2. Cheng:  burnup in HTGR concept
		3. Wong: system studies:  standard tokamak and ST, costing
		4. Bromberg: tokamak system study with SC magnet (like ITER-RC)
	white papers on Pu and actinide burning in preparation

ARIES-ST PF system:
	case with PF on TF shell looks preferable
	OB shield design is still an open issue
	need to hang PF7 off TF somehow
	Action Item:  ENG group should decide how to shield PF coils

	breeding is OK with PbLi
	replacing SnLi in UW design gets TBR~0.9
	very thick blanket gets as high as 1.0
	need Be to get 1.1
	PbLi outlet ~1000 C, goal is to keep SiC below ~1000 C
	can handle 1 MW/m2, h=55%
	3% burnup leads to ~7 MW-yr/m2 lifetime (one year)
	class C waste, very low afterheat
	Igor will do manifolding design
	ARIES-RS limits are being used for shield design until others are available
	Ghoniem suggested 100 dpa limit --> gives less than 7 MW-yr/m2

	need firmer and consistent data base for SiC, including design limits
	need to collect (and post) reference data for all materials
	summarized concept exploration phase
	3 blanket options under consideration, 2 divertors
	need to consider higher heat flux case for divertor
	SOFE paper planned on advanced blanket options
	Billone wants to see if ARIES-RS Li/V system could be pushed harder
	(he and Majumdar will take a brief look)

	Bromberg, Gouge and Reiersen are working on PF and TF system improvements
	need to assess reactor impact with ASC
	Laila wants design criteria for shielding -- not a simple thing to do without a coil design
	Bromberg will visit ORNL April 22 to interact with researchers
	need design criteria for HT SC
	checked -RS design to assess cost reductions -- didn't seem too productive
	jointed HT coil impacts to be assessed 
		-- smaller TF, inner PF, advantage of demountability

	ASC still dead
	DREAM reactor analyzed with Nishio
	socio-economic issues arising, but difficult to address by Snowmass
	Sheffield group (large tokamak with H production) expects input from Miller

	DOE meeting was held to discuss US/J collaboration
	adv. ARIES-RS activities were criticized in DC

Administrative items:
	project meeting at UW (need an agenda)
	SOFE deadline is "soft"

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