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ARIES Project Meeting, May 3-4, 1999

U. of Wisconsin, Madison
Engineering Research Building - Rm 1307, 1500 Engineering Drive

May 3, Monday

08:30 Coffee and pastries UW hosts
08:55 Welcome and announcements El-Guebaly
09:00 Project directions and overview Dove/Najmabadi

Neutron Source Study

09:15 Fusion Neutron Source Activities Steiner
09:45 Fusion Driven Pu Destruction Systems Ed Cheng
10:45 Break
11:00 Review of Accelerator-based and Fission Reactor
Transmutation Systems
Doug Henderson
11:20 Thoughts on Pu and Actinide Burning:
Is this a viable path for fusion?
D. Petti
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Discussion and Plans for Neutron Source Activity Steiner

Advanced ARIES-RS

2:00 High-temperature superconductors in advanced tokamaks Bromberg
2:20 Advanced ARIES-RS using SiC/SiC as structural material Raffray
3:00 Break
3:15 LiPb/SiC Design
Design parameters & Neutronics L. El-Guebaly
First wall / blanket Design & Thermal Analysis Mogahed/Sviatoslavsky
Thermal Conversion Efficiency Sviatoslavsky
SiC Lifetime L. El-Guebaly
Shield and radial build El-Guebaly
4:45 Update on Material Properties Billone
5:00 Introduction to ALARA Activation Code Wilson
5:20 Adjourn
7:00 Group dinner

May 4, Tuesday

08:30 Coffee and pastries UW hosts

Advanced ARIES-RS (Continued)

9:00 Extension of ARIES-RS Physics Basis Kessel
9:30 ALPS program Mattas
10:00 Proposed DOE-Monbusho Collaboration in Blankets Sze
10:30 Break
10:45 Discussion and Plans for ARIES-RS activity Najmabadi
11:30 Pegasus Experiment Fonck
12:00pm LUNCH
1:00 ARIES Systems activities Miller
2:00 Coordination of ISFNT, IEEE, ANS, papers and other items Najmabadi
2:30 Discussion Dove/Najmabadi

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